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Spinoceratops Remade - 2.0

Some time ago I made a Spinoceratops concept. so I’m going to remake it in 2.0. For some reason. Anyway, here we go

Components: Triceratops + Spinosaurus (Both G1)
Rarity: Legendary
Health: 3900
Attack: 1100
Speed: 120
Armor: 15%
Critical: 5%

Resilient Strike
Lethal Wound
Greater Stunning Strike
Fierce Rampage
Swap In Stunning Strike

100% Deceleration

This makes another counter for max and tryko (I believe?), some others as well, and is a good fierce resilient creature. I don’t think it’s that OP, but what do you think of it? Say in the poll.

  • Too OP
  • It’s Fine
  • Improve it

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This is kinda crazy for a epic you can’t slow it & it can swap in stun you then lethal wound & rampage then stun you again this is how I wish dracoceratuarus was. Edit: oops my mistake I thought it was sinoceratops not spinoceratops lol

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It’s a legendary.

It’s pretty good. Just I would change resilent to fierce but it’s fine either way.

That can’t beat maxima as it a) can swap out and b) can’t survive the double rampage

Yeah, but max goes down with it (like spinoyx) and only magna is safe on a swap in and even then will have 1700 health it it decides to do that in the worst case

Still point A

  1. The Rarity should be an epic 2. It’s basically a Spinonyx

We don’t need another epic ceratopsian that’ll get a legendary superhybrid, it’s legendary so we can get a unique ceratopsian