Warning: Spoiler for Camp Cretacous!

Camp Cretaceous Season 4 introduced a new species of hybrid, that I like to call the Spinoceratops. Its is a hybrid between spinosaurus and Sinoceratops. We never see an adult in the series so I made a concept of what and adult may look like. Also I made it a JWA profile.

(I cropped the pic wrong so it looks like it has two swap-in attacks- oops)


Seems a little overpowered with the immunities and Sino is already used in 2 Unique components, so maybe use a different Ceratopsian (like Triceratops) instead and maybe use Spino Gen 2 also. Would more likely be a Legendary hybrid.

It’s kind of overpowered with a healing move, a swap-in and swap immunity and it’s damage output isn’t bad either.

I think it should stay as sino. even though its part of 2 unique hybrids both are not very meta relevent.

I would like to see an instant charge on this dino.