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Spinoconstrictor (and wounding counter) rework

Hi! Got an idea to rework and give life back to one of the least used unique hybrid in the game: Spinoconstrictor.
Due to Boa’s exclusivity i think it should get more love by devs. This is a little rework that could give him back arena credibility without making it overpowered and giving somehow the high requested bleed back to it.
Stats: the same so
Hp 3600
Dmg 1000
Spd 122
Armor 0
Crit 10%
Same resistances: 100% distraction & swap prevenction, 50% speed


-Cunning strike (a little distraction improve)
-Precise Rampage
-Sidestep (or Evasive stance but back to 75%chance of dodge)
-Instant Distraction

No escape
Wounding Counter attack (25% of opponent’s hp, lasting 2 turns)

The last one is the big change. The wounding counter would work like a cleansing swoop by stygidaryx. It needs to trigger the same 3 times before killing an opponent, but lasting 2 turns would let Spino having more mobility and team synergy. And with no escape it would be a serious contender in arena. I got rid of on escape evasive strike, since that i don’t see a lot of utility in it and it depends on opponent’s choice.

Very nice. I would say, with this build, reduce speed to about 115 and make deceleration 100%

Here is my interesting kit
Hp: 4000
Attack: 1100
Speed 115
Crit: 20%
Armour: 0

Instant distraction
Defensive stance
Precise rampage

Wounding counter
On escape evasive impact
Swap-in wound

Decel: 100%
Stun: 100%
Swap prevention: 100%
Distraction: 50%
Bleed: 25%


That is a lot of defensive abilities. i like it.

Great for tryko and maxima. Tryko wants to rampage, distract. Impact, defensive stance. And when distract is on cooldown, sidestep. Creatures that are immune to bleed like magna destroy it while the bulky creatures lose hard


i’ve always liked how constrictor never actually had to attack the opponent to get the job done. It was great against counter attackers.


This is coming from someone who’s played spinoconstrictor for almost 4 months

Precise Rampage
Null/Cunning Rampage
100% Distraction, Taunt, Decel
50% Stun
Wounding Counter
On Escape Evasive Strike


my rework:
hp: 4500
dmg: 1300
spd: 117
def: 0%
crit: 20%

shielded decel strike
precise rampage
instant distract

100% decel resistance
100% distract resistance

wounding counter
swap in lethal wound
on escape rampage

I tried to keep stats not so high because the second trigger of my wounding counter would cause a 50%hp loss (wound stacks). And that more a rampage of 2500 or more damage with no boost it could be too much.
But i like all these ideas. The common point is that Spino needs a little buff😂


I would say swap-in wound (25%), but then either one or the other. It’s already good enough without these

stats: HP: 3600 Damage: 1000 Speed: 122 Crit: 10% Armor: 0%. Moves: sidestep; defensive stance; exploit wound; precise rampage. passive abilities: wounding counter (25%, 2 turns); on escape dust cloud (I wish all snakes had it). resistances: 50% distraction; 100% deceleration; 50% stuns; 100% swap prevention.

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Love this one. She is currently too frail, so this hp is ideal. I would love her exploit wound back too, and she really needs that 100% decel immunity

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I love your build with exploit wound but I think you made it a little bit too strong…

That counter is too strong.

If you evasive stance & then ID. Anything that bleeds is dead.


Seriously hoping these work out cuz spinoconstrictor is my favorite and I hope he gets some love soon.

But not instantly on the second instance of counter trigger. It would kill a creature with 3 dot triggers, like the actual counter. The difference is that on the second trigger, it would DoT for 50% hp, leaving opponent with 25% hp instead of 33,2% after that. It would still need 3 “turns” to kill a opponent. Sure it’s better than actual counter cause you can swap spino out and still deal DoT damage, but compared to what we have now doesn’t seems too op to me (i admit that’s only an idea and didn’t run any matchup).
Obviously stats need to remain low average to compensate. And with all the resilient, anti dodge, precise and cleansing diatraction moves around, spino would fall with the opponent creature too…what do you think?

The creature stills dies after the 3rd turn. And with ES up for that many turns + 1 turn of ID. It still would have counters.

I personally like the current build on it. The ability for your opponent to swap out but its going to eat damage is nice. Make your opponent make a decision.

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I don’t have so much experience with the creature. I’m trying it on my team at lv 26 unboosted at 5.5/5.6k. But it literally has 3 moves completely countered by resilient. At least with exploit wound it could have done some serious damage to resilient creatures.
Maybe i have to figure out how to use it properly, and surely if this last change to IIT is going to stay it will get better.
But for now it seems quite squishy, and i’ve never found a scenario where on escape evasive strike was used and my opponent swapped out. It seems an obvious choice that any opponent doens’t take, because unless you have a really specific sia or sia damage creature, when you swap you basically lose an attack, and losing an attack and taking damage it’s a decision that no one takes.
For the death after the third turn, at the end it’s the same for a lethal wound, but i see your point

I’ve been using the constrictor for 4 months and something that I noticed is that it needs more life, about 4.2k would be good, returning “sidestep” would be fabulous, since I don’t know why they took it away if Phoboa continues to keep it.

seeing that his role is a hurtful counterattack, what he needs is skills that help him defend himself or last against his opponents, so I think “no escape” suits him quite well, his precise rampage could improve to a nullifying rampage, but also precise rampage is fine

constrictor needs more power from spino (beyond the name) and to give it a “fierce blow” to make it more efficient

Finally, an attack increase is not necessary, it only needs a damage increase and a change from basic attacks and defensive attacks

Because Boa is hard to come by, why is this literally the one of the weakest uniques for having a hard to get component? (Looking at Cornibus too, but he’s kinda good…)

Health: 4000
Attack: 1200
Speed: 123
Crit: 20% (What? Haven’t seen Erlidom’s and Rinex’s?)
Armor: 0%

Resilient Strike
Cunning Rampage
Exploit Wound (Where’d that move go?)
Wounding Counter (Same one as now)

Same resistances as Dilophoboa, but with 100% speed decrease resistance



I don’t see the need to increase the damage, it doesn’t focus on that, if you want your damage-dealing abilities you can switch to “fierce strike” (could do well) and “cunning rampage”.

but keep in mind that the idea is to improve considerably, not enough to be accused of "OP

I’m sorry, I got the wrong translation :rofl: