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Spinoconstrictor changes

The winner of the Unique rework poll is Spinoconstrictor!


PS: I don’t know whether to change the first or the fourth move. Tell me which one I should change.


Can u highlight what u changed?

I believe they have it in escape rampage, fierce impact, higher attack,evasive strike, higher crit, and dot and stun resistance I think

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and higher health

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I gave it +700, +100 attack, +2 speed, changed 10% crit to 20%.

Changed distraction to evasive strike, replaced evasive stance with Fierce Impact, and gave it On Escape Rampage.

I gave it a Resistance to DOT (75%) and Stun (50%)
I also changed Distraction Resistance from 50 to 100.

Literally just give it the on escape move. Lol

actually it already had on escape evasive strike so they just replaced an on escape move with another

Why… why would a snake be able to break shields or pierce armor? Oddly you gave it perhaps the biggest buff in history and it only feels like slightly too much. Leave the speed, it’s supposed to be slow, and stop trying to give in ds moves, snakes have incredibly weak bites

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Its from the spinosaurs part of the superhybrid. Also the game isnt made to be accurate lol.

If your going by weak bites please explain to me then why Tenrex has a DS rampage? It’s a hadrosaur so going by your logic it shouldn’t have that right?

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Tenrex has… what kind of DNA in it again? Oh yeah, Trex… tenREX… silly me. The strongest bite in boas lineage is majun? I get that people want their favorites to be great and as I said this version is only slightly too much but everything can’t have DS moves and decel immunity and distraction immunity and stun immunity. “By your logic”, it’s not “my logic” it’s logic and common sense

Spinosaur had a weak bite as well, it was a fish eater with pencils for teeth. I’m aware the game isn’t meant to be accurate but the game is trying to create balance by not having everything do… well everything. The snakes should not be shattering shields or piercing armor

Here is my spinocon change. I can adjust.

Only thing I see with this is it’s too fast, way too fast and the decel immunity should probably stay at 50%

Ok. I’ll change that
Speed 125?

Evasive Stance to Fierce Impact, Distraction to Evasive Strike and On escape evasive strike to on escape rampage I think