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Spinoconstrictor idea for JWTG?

Idk just an idea…
Spinoconstrictor!! Tournament cenozoic legendary hybrid
Gigantophis lvl 40
Spinosaurus Gen 2 lvl 40
Different look/model than JWA
Stats level 40: 14099 - 2322
I mean do we really think they’d make a superhybrid out of Dilophoboa, already one of the best creatures??


is it land or cenozoic?

It is Cenozoic

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Technically we could get the normal spinoconstrictor if we get tournament s hybrids then it can still be dilophoboa + plus spinosaurus s dna


Yes but it would be to OP
Like usually the superhybrid is the creature’s stats x2 (Usually)
This thing would have 28k hp and 7k attack
Too good

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Not at all. They need to play catchup with SO MANY OTHER classes before we get to this point.

With Dilophoba he just raised the bars for the top-tier Cenozoic creatures, so why would Ludia basically cripple players by making her a super hybrid?

No I don’t want it nor do I want to egg ludia on about making one. We need so many areas balanced out first.

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Basically the Super Hybrid carries on the same stat trends from the L40 Hybrid. Rarely does it switch around the attack and health numbers.

So it’s not at all 2x the stats.

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This idea isn’t a super hybrid for dilophoboa, it is a hybrid between gigantophis and spino g2

Actually, it is 2x. Usually
Indoraptor has 5k attack and 10k hp.
Indominus rex had 5k hp and 2k attack. Roughly 2x stats

Spinotasuchus has 4.6k hp and 2.5k attack.
Spinoraptor has 2.7k hp and 1.1k attack. Roughly 2x stats

Tapejaloceplalus has 6k hp and 1.9k attack
Tapejalosaurus has 3k hp and 900 attack. Roughly 2x stats

Dimetrocarnus has 5.5k hp and 1.9k attack
Carnoraptor has 2.5k hp and 900 attack. Roughly 2x stats
The only exception to this rule is Stegoceratops, and not really even by that much stats.
There’s really no need to be so serious about this. Not even a request for the hybrid, just an idea and thing Ludia can look at and refer to if they ever consider implementing it.

Yeah so just don’t make it!

Like I said. AN IDEA


The next dino should be a high attack hybrid amphibian, how about a sarco gen 2 mixed with triceratops gen 2.

And it would be a croc with spikes in his tail and horns in his face with the mouth full of teeth and even thicker skin that would be a very deadly creature hahah.

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Lol yeah thatd be cool
I think theyll make other gen 2s before sarco unfortunately as it seems they try to focus on “Movie dinos”

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