Spinoconstrictor: let try this again

Spinoconstrictor: unqiue super hybrid

Health: 4,200
Attack: 1,150
Speed: 121
Crit: 20%
Passive: immune to distraction

Evasive strike
Precise Rampage- (cool down 1)
Maiming Wound- Attack 1x, inflict 40% wound for 2 turns. (Cool down 3)
Decelerating Impact- ( cool down 1)

Nullifying counter: after surviving and receiving a physical hit remove positive effects
On escape evasive strike

This snake it’s a sure two shot kill on anything that not immune or can’t cleanse.

  • *the wound and counter both come from moves that ludia hasn’t implied yet so why not now; plus it makes sense since null come from its dilophoboa ancestry and maiming wound comes from a combination of gashing and exploit wound

Now this snake is the king of all bleeders so is it better than it is now?

Psst: @J.C Can ya share this or at least keep this in mind

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Depends, will it have the constricting animation and poison spitting animation?

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It will strike then it will hiss and spray poison thru it fangs like the spitting cobra while it frill shakes

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Also, for the king of bleeders, I guess maybe, although it may need another bleed move like Stigydaryx, spinotahsuchus, darwezopteryx and I for it to be a true bleeder

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Lol I mean it’s a guaranteed two but no I’m anything g immune easily trumping those two

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I like it for sure, but I do live on Snake island so might be biased lol.

in terms of balance, what would be a possible counter, as ideally it would need one, from what I can see I gather immune hard hitters that are faster, such as Magna yeah?


Anything faster and immune you can also bleed it back, and anything with cleanse can have a chance but ya basically tanks, chomper, pterosaurs, and amphibians are screwd

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Could carbotoceratops be its ideal counter?


My version:

Health: 4000
Attack: 1200
Speed: 125
Critical: 10%
Armor: 0%

  • Shielded Decelerating Strike
  • Precise Rampage
  • Sidestep
  • Exploit Wound
    Immune to Distract
    Wounding Counter (Bypasses immunity)
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I would actually love for it to have its own class of damage ovet time, in the form of poison, that could inflict small amounts of damage and a stacking damage debuff, making the enemy weaker as the poison ticks!

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Erlidominus, gorgosuchus, maxima, Gemini, mammo, moth, thyla, Phorusaura, purutaurus, wooly rhino, Monolorhino, magan, monometradon, stygidaryx, carboceratops, carbonemys, dsungaia, Smilonemys

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Like all these with their kills in three turns nah get that out of here all this snake needs is two and anything non immune is dead even Indoraptor gen2 quivers in fear.

Now we need to think up hybrids for gen2

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No no no no no by passing immunity Ik immunity is annoying but it’s our only hope against bleeders so ya no lol

Then I mean what suppose to counter it; also shielded decelerating is only on gen2 titanoboa although that might get a hybrid one day

Bah, bleed can be easily cleansed and ran away from. It’ll be fine.

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Lol only to be bleed again remember it’s a counter every hit it’s bleed meaning this thing now has no counter

Especially if it .33 every turn 4.000k health and side step

Lol listed the counters here

I actually really like the current build. Obviously it has counters, but when my spinoconstrictor was just lv21 I was taking out lv28 indoraptor g1 with sidestepping and wound. Don’t forget that sidestep stacks so as long as you’re not facing an opponent with definite or null moves you have a good shot at survivability. Add to that the fact that exploit wound doesn’t draw a counter either you can spam sidestep-counter-sidestep now you’re at +20% spd and can rampage or exploit wound if you know you can survive. I hit dioraja with that combo for 2719/turn without ever attacking and drawing that precise counter


I feel like something could be done with it’s counter to make it more effective, as well as the basic move becoming Sidestep, allowing for another gimmick. Ideally it should combine Diloboa (a utility chip damage) with a bleeder (Spino). I feel like the important thing is utility and bleed there, with a lesser focus on the chip damage and a more solid feel.
My Idea:
Precise Rampage
Lethal Wound
Nullifying Impact
Immune to Distraction
Poisonous Counter
3900 Health
1100 Attack
121 Speed
0% Armor
10% Critical Hit Chance

New Move: Poisonous Counter
When attacked, deal Damage over Time equal to 20% of opponents maximum health over 1 turn. Distract opponent 50% for 1 turn.

Given the rarity of Titanaboa, this should be a VERY strong hybrid. The bleed is incorporated into the basic Dilophoboa archetype, which is that of a creature that relies heavily on a counter to be effective. It is designed primarily as a dodging anti-speedster (hence its current ability to flat out kill Dilorach and Erlikospyx T1). However the current build suffers heavily against immune creatures, and particularly those that are bulky, which is why the Null Impact has been added, partially to a second viable damaging move and partially to compensate damage reduction. While ending up dead when facing many bulky immunes, it now has the ability to deal more than a single hit against these creatures. The counter was to preserve the distracting aspect of Dilophoboa, one of its tools to stall out the enemy, though this was compensated by a drastically decreased bleed. Hope you all like, feedback appreciated.

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