Spinoconstrictor: let try this again

Distraction plus bleed? I like the sound of that, although I don’t think the name “poisonous counter” fits.
Also, I’d prefer Maiming Wound over Lethal Wound.
Why? Maiming Wound would do the same thing faster, while also keeping Spino distinct from Rhino and Spyx.

The turtles will shred the snake in bits lol. That’s realistic also btw.


I prefer the Exploit Wound version. It’s more interesting. I do think swapping pinning strike for side-step would give it something else to do with its fourth move, making it more interesting.

Poisonous counter was a last minute changed when I realized I couldn’t call the move venomous counter. The only problem with maiming Wound is the extra turn of cooldown. It greatly lessens Constrictors ability to do ANYTHING to a second Dino.