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Spinoconstrictor obtained a buff or nerf?

now that “evasive posture” is only 50%
Instant distraction is not that impressive, is the constrictor viable for the goal? Either needs exploiting wound back, or needs skill to shatering defenses

let me know what you think :smiley:

I’d say it’s been nerfed. I ran it before 2.0, but took it off immediately after the update.


Totally a nerf. Evasive stance was nerfed and It doesn’t do much for It. Exploit wound was one of the best moves on it’s kit but was removed. The fact that It can’t counter tanks because of resilient moves and not having 100% decel resistance doesn’t help either.


I want them to give him a little love, she has potential, but they do nothing more than neutralize him little by little, I don’t want to see him as procerathomimus or indoraptor g2 :confused:


I though he got a buff, considering bleeders are useful again, but unfortunately I was wrong.