Spinoconstrictor or Indominus rex?

I unlocked Spinoconstrictor today. Does anyone have any idea if i should use my level 20 indominus rex (unboosted) or my spinoconstrictor level 21 (unboosted)?

Why not both?

My team is Geminititan(21), Sarcorixis(22), Quetzorion(21), Utarinex(21), Erlidominus(21), Thor(22), Indominus(20), Dracoceratops(20).

6 creatures in my team are really useful
Indominus rex and Sarcorixis are not too useful, but if i remove sarcorixis, then my team has only 2 resilient creature so the only creature I can exchange for spinoconstrictor is Indominus rex.

At this current point in time, I wouldn’t say that Spinoconstrictor is a fantastic creature. What’s more, bleeders aren’t incredibly meta relevant at the moment. You could always play around with Spinoconstrictor in the arena for a few matches, see how it does

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My money is on Indominus. Had her on my team as long as I can remember. She’s at lvl 29 now and really can tear teams apart. Just don’t rely too much on cloak!!!


That being said she suits my play. Why not try a week of both and see what’s comfortable :slight_smile:

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i would go indominous.
spinoconstrictor is an oddball. she doesn’t really counter tanks and is better at countering fierce creatures.

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I agree with the above, don’t get me wrong I love spinocon but her current moveset doesn’t allow her to shine like she used to prior 2.0 sadly,