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Spinoconstrictor paradox :D

I though, that battle is ending after 3 enemy kills, but I won 4:2 with luck :grinning: this mechanism is weird, enemy try to run with trykosaur when it was 2:2, i kill him with on escape evasive strike (3:2), then came rat and destroyed by wounding counter (4:2). He didnt kill me, but when i kill 3 dinos already, its weird than he can use fourth dino. If rat kill me, it would be draw yeah?

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on escape moves that deal damage really make the battle confusing

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I have won a battle 4-1 now. It’s kind of cute when someone swaps in a Dracoceratops into a Spinoconstrictor just as it does Precise Rampage… especially when swapping out a creature on < 500 HP…