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Spinoconstrictor rant

Spinoconstrictor stood no chance in the big world of PVP when it lost its sidestep and exploit wound like its straight-up doggy doodoo. Pretty sure every other snake is better than spinoconstrictor, I personally loved it when it first released. It could possibly get better if every dino didn’t have a dot immunity/resistance along with every dino also having some sort of resilient move. That’s it sorry for my complaining I did this on behalf of spinoconstrictor. Please at the very least give it some sort of stun resistance along with cunning strike instead of distraction.

love, Spinoconstrictor lover


As a spinoconstrictor I approve of this message lol

Buff would be amazing, I’ll always have spinocon on my team whenever I have the chance no matter how “bad” or “weak” or “trashy” it is, and when I did use it I think it did pretty well but I could desperately use a buff as one of the “worst uniques” I’d even just take the stun resistance, but more is always welcomed to put me on par with the others, I do also have exclusive creature DNA which has to count for something…


Yeah spinocon needs a good buff since its made from one of the rarest epics in the game.
But I quess for snake lovers hydraboa is good news.
Also that diplo snake from the community vote might be good and possibly get a super hybrid aswell, but thats agers away yet.


Lemme just run to the Toolbox and cook something up…

I keep working on it and keep it in my team cause I feel like it will receive a buff

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Watchu cookin there chef

Hopefully hydra is everything spino isnt

Yeah, I totally agree, old Spinoconstrictor was the best. Even after the removal of Exploit Wound, it still has the best animations. But that doesn’t stray away from the fact that it desperately needs a buff. I really love Spinoconstrictor, but it’s just not able to hold itself in a battle against most other creatures.

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Was working on these:


Yeah, hoping I’m actually around in game to see this happen, if not I wonder what my sneks stats would be in game :thinking: since mines boosted quite a bit lol

This is spinoconstrictor buff

all i got boosted is its speed and health i put like 18 health boosts on my level 28 spinocon

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yes the on escape needs to be improved too

Nice, I remember my spinocon had like… 1250 attack? 140 speed and the rest was health at lvl 26, may be wrong tho, idk, but that’s basically mines stats

And I used it as a starter and usually went pretty well if I wasn’t faced with something that had bleed immunity, thor’s were a death sentence tho lol

For real then they went and gave it dot resistance

Screenshot_20210625-183508_JW Alive
Yeah spino needs a buff. In the tournament he started spino and I started dio and it only did that much dmg to me i know dio counters cunnings but not that hard

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