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Spinoconstrictor rework

Now as we all know, spinoconstrictor loses to immunes…badly. And considering how difficult it is to create and level up, I’ve decided to make a rework for it:

Hp: 4800
Dmg: 1000
Spd: 112
Def: 30%
Crit: 20%

Sharp shed (priority. Scatter sharp scales on the opponent’s field. Any Dino that comes in will lose 34% of HP piercing armour. Can stack)
Precise rampage

On escape sharp shed
Immune to distract
Wounding counter.

This is a potential tyrant. If you get 3 sharp sheds off (and considering how tanky this buffed constrictor is, it’s not hard), you’ve basically won the match. All you need to do is beat the first dino and you’ve won. If the opponent tries to swap out, that’s an automatic sharp sheds so you can get 2 off at the same turn.

Personaly? I will make his counter wounding to counter poison, which would hurt all dinos, even imune :smiley:

That is tremendiously powerful, but I think that it should have Exploit wound replacing distraction and Sidestep as a Basic attack

that’s very OP :grimacing:! Imagine that against you, the idea is that the sponocon is worth it (the same would happen with dracoceratops or procerothomimus :neutral_face:)

I imagine it like this: :sunglasses:

-Nullifyng Rampage
-Exploit wound

Health: 4200
Attack: 1120
Speed: 122
Armor: 0%
Critic: 20%

Escape on Rampage
Immune to distraction
Wounding Counter

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Personally, I’d give it a damage and hp and add on escape rampage. I would also use vulnerability strike as the basic move, so it can stack with exploit wound
HP: 4000
Attack: 1200
Vulnerability strike
Precise rampage
Exploit wound
On escape rampage
Immune to distract


This comes straight from a spinoconstrictor player
Exploit Wound
Precise Rampage
Nullifying Rampage
Wounding Counter
Immune to Distract
On Escape Evasive Strike ( now 100% dodge) ( this is cause he doesn’t get swap in damage )


Spinoconstrictor just needs the damage back he is fine otherwise. I can chomp immunes with mine but the recovered damage nerf would solidify him back to full glory.


Spinoconstrictor should only have more PH and Nulltyfing Rampage :100:

PD: I want that Spinocon :cry:

Personally I think that it’s stats and moves should stay the same. But it should get additional ability called “Lethal Poison” which allows it to break through the Immunities.
It’s like Corrosion ability in Pokemon games - Pokemon with the ability can poison steel types, which normally are immune.