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Spinoconstrictor worth it?🤔

with immunities and all that, is it worth the effort on spinocostrictor?:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We don’t know what is coming in the next couple weeks so hold off on the actual coin spending.

Many people are refusing to give up their Thor and Tryko and the snake can be awesome with Tryko and a toss up with Thor.

With Indo gen 2, worse case is you spam side step and they spam cautious and you take out 66% of it’s hp.

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I may be biased, but she totally is. just have to know that she won’t beat an immune creature outright. She can severely damage them (and in some cases win if they are played wrong.)

But she will beat anything that can bleed or make it set up food for anything else. She beats both indos, tryko, dio, the list goes on. she’s even better boosted when you don’t need to worry about speed. I run her at lv 22 with 15 health boosts.


I use her because she’s fun, and I don’t care about the meta or boosts.


Should i put it in my deck and change Dracoceratops?:thinking:it is advisable?:thinking:

Spinoconstrictor is busted in a boosted arena. The problem is the immunity to DoT running around all over the place. With the update coming up, I’d wait. But if you’re thinking about spending bucks on epic scents, save them for mammoth. It is better than dracocera at the moment

I’m a big advocate of Spinocon. She’s desperate for more health, but put a few boosts on it and you should be fine. Easily counters Tryko, both Indoraptors, Tenonto, Stegod and Dioraj. Decent against Thor, Phoru, Grypo. It really struggles against anything immune, especially Ardentis and Gemini. Played right, I’ve taken down Erlidom with one. It counters enough end game creatures to make it viable in the arena.


I want your spinocon. :heart_eyes:

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With that spinocon, indo g2 does not come out alive :star_struck:

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I can, with a bit of luck and some correct predictions. But with boosts, the match tips heavily in constrictor’s favor

When we were told about the boost reset, I went all in. SpinoC is a terrific counter to a good number of end game dinos, tho I do wish it would have inherited the On Escape rampage instead…


i’m happy that spinocon gets some love. if only there was less immunity to bleed she would be one of the greats.
Love her, but hate trying to fight one.

Definitely can’t lead with her, and anything immune is gonna rock her but it’s nice to spice things up a bit if nothing else.

A couple guys in my alliance use it and like it a lot.

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I lead with mine almost all the time. about 70-80% of my battles has my opponent starting with an indo g2. anything immune she will at least get a rampage off. maybe a pinning strike or a second rampage if i’m lucky.

Ah, ok well in that case yes you can! No one I battle leads with Indo2 (or very rarely)… it’s usually Max or Magna, etc.

high Aviary - low library. indo is a common starter.

Makes sense, boosting it early yields moar trophies

It beats anything non-immune that I come across (except for phorus and Orion) and eats at least half of a non immune. The perfect starter in aviary

Literally, immunity to Dot was with carbonemys and is now found in most cenosoics. Ifthe creature has fur ¡Boom! Immunity to Dot and some armor :roll_eyes:

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