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Spinolophoceratops (Spinoceratops Unique)

Once again I was playing Lego Jurassic World, and this time made a Triceratops. I gave it dilophosaurus head and spinosaurus body, and called it Spinolophoceratops. So then I thought, why not continue the Spinoceratops for JWA for a potential ceratopsian unique?

Rarity: Unique (Dilophosaurus (Gen 1) + Spinoceratops
Health: 3600
Attack: 1250
Speed: 123
Armor: 10%
Critical: 5%

Resilient Strike
Lethal Wound
Cunning Impact
Fierce Rampage
Swap In Stunning Strike
100% Deceleration Resistance

This ceratopsian loses its ability to charge (Greater Stunning Strike) in exchange for the ability to shoot acid (Cunning Impact). It loses 300 health and 5% armor in exchange for 3 extra speed points and 150 extra attack. Thoughts on the hybrid?

  • It’s Fine
  • Too OP
  • Improve It

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Who is the better one between the legendary and the unique?

  • Spinoceratops Is Better
  • Spinolophoceratops Is Better

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Personally, I don’t think I did too bad on this one, and gives a good example on how the waste of potential Dracoceratosaurus could’ve been.

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But it has low attack and HP

You got Magna, Quetzorion, Erlidominus (If it guesses right), Indoraptor even. I can name quite a few, but most are speedsters

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Erlidom will get destroyed by resilient but I guess Magna stands a chance. Fair enough.

All unique speedsters have their chance, but Erlidom is the only one that has to play the guessing game and Utarinex has to land the stun, the other 3 are guaranteed (Zorion needs to use Invincibility, and isn’t affected by bleed)