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Spinonyx Buff Suggestion

After seeing Spinonyx since its release, I have felt rather disappointed by it. It was a hybrid that was hyped up by a lot of people, but combat-wise it seems to be a confused creature, and being nerfed several times to the point where a rare hybrid outperforms it is rather sad. As such, I’m proposing a change in Spinonyx’ movesets and stats
Role: Heavy Tank Counter
Stats at level 26:
Health: 4600 Damage: 1400
Armor: 20% Crit. Chance: 5%
Speed: 114
Fierce Strike
Lethal Wound
Rending Takedown
Definite Rampage
No Escape
Full Resistance: Deceleration, Stuns
Partial Resistances: DoT (75%), Distraction (33%)
This focuses on a very offensive moveset for Spinonyx. It loses speed in return of greatly increased health and damage, as well as an armor boost (“With thicker skin…”). It gains Lethal Wound and Rending Takedown, effectively making it a tankier and more offensive Thylacotator, at the cost of speed. It still faces the threat of faster opponents with heavy distraction abilities, but eats up the tanks and other high-health creatures, effectively bringing the kings of the higher arenas to their knees.

As such, Erlikospyx could use a slight change as well, reverting closer to its former self while maintaining aspects of its current moveset.
Role: High-speed distractor/bleeder
Stats at level 26:
Health: 4200 Damage: 1500
Armor: 0% Crit. Chance: 20%
Speed: 126
Lethal Wound
Distracting Impact/Revenge Distracting Impact
Precise Pounce
Full Resistances: DoT, Deceleration, Distraction
Partial Resistances: Vulnerability (50%), Stuns (75%)
This focuses on a hybrid of Erlikospyx’ two movesets, its past and its current. Regaining Lethal Wound makes it a major threat to creatures like Trykosaurus, Thoradolosaurus, Diorajasaurus, and Ardentismaxima, while its distraction abilities continue to weaken them down. It maintains its current health and regains its immunity to deceleration at the cost of its speed and its minimal speedup strike. It may not be able to outspeed the speed demons of the arena, but without a doubt it can punch serious holes in heavier opponents. While it lacks the durability and shield breaking abilities of Spinonyx (as expected), it makes up for it in superior damage and higher speed, with a barrage of distraction to weaken opponents. However, as with Spinonyx, faster creatures that can cleanse or resist its distraction abilities still stand a fighting chance.

Hopefully these are at least considered. I have felt that Spinonyx has always stood at the lower end of the Legendary spectrum, and I was really only able to make it viable back when the first boost system was here, giving it very similar stats to what I proposed here.


I’m all for Erlikospyxpyx having this set, i really miss It as a bleeder. But since spinonyx is the only creature with definite rampage why not let It keep It instead of fierce rampage?

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Oh hey, you’re right. I honestly completely forgot that Spinonyx has Definite Rampage. I’ll edit the suggestion