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Spinonyx Buff

As someone who loves Spinonyx, I really think it needs a buff. I’d say it needs a decent health buff, and a slight damage buff. Maybe raising attack from 1000 to around 1200 and health from 4000 to around 4300. I have mine at level 19, as I’m struggling for spino gen 2 dna, with 2 health boosts and 6 damage boosts and it just scrapes 3000 health and 800 damage.

its already a top 10 legendary. its good enough.

Personally I agree I too use it I have a level 20 with about 6 speed buffs. Its low damage means its only useful for taking away that tiny bit of health a Dino has and its first move never does more damage than either of the two rampages making it useless and so the only truly useful move is it’s bleed damage since it can only survive two hits before it’s taken out

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it has decent health, the bleed and 2 rampages make up for the low base damage, the speed is decent, and it cant be slowed and has high bleed resistance. its already the 6th or 7th best legendary in the game. its fine how it is.

I have to kind of disagree. The 2 rampages are good, but the low damage it has make them pretty ineffective. The only good attack it has is the bleed. I my arena, Spinonyx either gets 1 or 2 shot, and doesn’t do a lot of damage. Especially against Thor now he has bleed resistance. Spinonyx only reaches 1000 damage at level 26, or level 24 with 5 attack boosts.

spionyx is a bleeder first and foremost. it’s job is to whittle down tanks. its rampages give it a bit of extra damage, but its main focus is on percentage based attacks.
i honestly don’t think it needs a buff. its pretty fast as it is and is already doing a good chunk of damage through DoT and rend with good health. it does what it needs to do and it does it well.


Yes, that is exactly it’s job. But getting spino and bary gen 2 is pretty difficult seeing as they are very hard to farm and find, meaning it is difficult to get it levelled up. I am in aviary, and the highest Spinonyx I’ve seen is only level 23. Mine is level 20 with 6 attack boosts bringing it just up to 800 damage, and gets one shot by mega boosted Thor’s. It also struggles to take out the trykos, tenontos and even maximas as they deal a lot more damage and have a ton more health. The bleed is able to eventually take them out, but with combined bleed and rampage it still finds it hard to kill what it’s fighting. Especially with unnecessary buffs to other dino’s resistances in regards to rend and DoT. (Cough, Thor, cough).

Remember he is a legendary and Tenonto, thora and triko are uniques, he should lose against them most of the time

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and its not a superhybrid. you don’t see many over lv 20 because people need that dna for erlikospyx.


in that situation, spinonyx’s rending attack is always the better option over a rampage. 2 tics of bleed and a rending attack will allow it to tie with tryko.

I thought you make Nyx only for spyx and forget it for good.Nyx is balanced thats all i have to say.if i really had to change something-i would add health to 4500

Also, Suchotator is a bleeder. Sucho is rare and Spinonyx is legendary, yet sucho has 500 more health and 300 more damage. Sucho also has a good move set. So why does a rare bleeder get to have much better stats than a legendary bleeder? It doesn’t really make sense.

Well for one its not resistant to anything; two it does have anything higher than a 1.5x multiplyer and it can’t go through armor, it is also slower and can be decelerated.

And in a 1v1 spinonyx will always win because of it has bleed resistance as well as no escape. In fact the spinonyx basically beats every bleeder except i think vexus, Spinoconstrictor and thylacotator


I think it’s really good.

Against fierce, it can either go for bleed if it will get killed in 1 hit or can go for a double rampage. It also has 75 bleed resist

Against resilient, it can’t be decelerated so it can go for bleed then definite rampage which will do a lot no matter what against a resilient

Against cunning, it will probably be killed, but it can go for bleed which will do its damage even when distracted, and goes through evasion on both of its rampages

If class is based on viability against other classes, it should be wildcard since it fares pretty well against all classes

It doesn’t have good stats cuz one of its components is a damage increased and other is a bleeder but it has an amazing move set and will do much better in arena.

Generaly yes, but nonyx is a fierce and should beat them most of the time, but then again it’s kind of a suicide bomb already, problably fine overall tho

I think all of us can agree and say that Spinonyx has one of the best movesets for an in game fierce. It’s only the stats which are bit disappointing. Else it’s pretty much gonna be op.