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Spinonyx must be improved

Spinonyx needs improvements in life and especially in attack so that it is a good hybrid and that players can use it on their teams while they get their superhybrid erlikospyx

the spinonyx should have the following improvements:


the spinonyx should have at least the following improvements:

1400 attack for a bleeder is waayto op
Suchotator only has 1300 attack and it’s already one of the best hybrids in the game


Suchotator is OP for how is kit is kinda nuts. You can’t dodge it, it can remove distraction and slow you, it can nullify every positive effect, and also is an anti tank as well. Its just nuts what it can do. With Spinonyx, I think if they improved the HP, it would be better. Its main role is to annihilate tanks in 2 turns. With a bit more HP, I think it could without too much of a hassle. However, if you want a bleed that really needs a buff, go to Spinotasuchus. Spinonyx is good already, but Spinotasuchus should be better. Needs Speed Decrease Immunity, along with a better Impact. Critical Impact with its low damage really sucks. However, change it to something more useful ( Cleansing Impact, Group Ferocity Impact) and it would definitely ascend to where it should. An anti tank that instead of tanking the hits, swaps to something else.

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I’d just say more health, let’s it leave a few more matchups alive

Vulner immunity

Nyx is balanced.Tasuchus needs more rework so i advice to focus on that dino