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Is spinonyx supposed to be released in 1.7? Kinda looking forward to getting it, the icon looks awesome even though it’s blacked out.


Which icon?


I’ve just been told this is a fanmade icon… but apparently it’s in the game files.

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Yea this icon seems to be fanmade but spinonyx was in fact discovered in a datamine, so it prob does exist but we don’t know how it will look exactly. Though i have a feeling this is gonna be another allosino > thor situation, so both ingredients are pretty similar looking dinos. This moveset should be interesting tho, a self buffing defense shattering bleeder.


Or ready to bleed


That icon is assuming it’s using Gen 2 Spino I’m guessing, but as far as I’ve seen, this might not be the case. I really hope it is, though. Getting a Unique for it would also be great!

Edit: What I mean by “might not be the case” is simply that as far as I’ve seen, the specific ingredients aren’t know yet. Realized I probably want to clarify that!