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Spinosaur (gen1) in L3, something is changing


A migration or an exception?


Is there a school nearby?


No, can’t be a nest. It was across the park, maybe that can be a factor…


I used to find it a lot in daytime (L3), now currently it appearently spawning on night time more (still L3).


First one for me in L3. Playing since august


God I hope it’s a migration, tired of getting lythronax and purussaurus gen 2 here in L1


I’m in L1 too and Ohhh man is the spawn algorithm here dull :sleeping:

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I must be L1 then. Ready for a Dino rotation too. Where can I find the data on zones and dinos? Day vs night would be cool too. I rarely get to hunt the nocturnal dinos and wonder what I’m missing out on.



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Turns out there is no migrations, just an ocasional zone overlap. Did some walking today and noticed this…


Ludia noted there was a small migration when the pterosaurs released. I am in L3 ND started finding spinosaurus that day. Only change I’ve noticed though.


Mee too, along with a stray allosaurus in L1…


Thank you, this is grrrrrrrreat

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