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Spinosaur v t rex

Hi there’s an achievement which is kill t rex with Spinosaur ive done it several times in friendly battles but had no achievement reward is it only awarded in pvp in arena? as i would have to drop approx 3000 cups to find a low enuff t rex to kill it ??? ive contacted customer support about this and other achievements ive done but had no rewards! and no reply in over 2 weeks any help please? image image image image image


T. rex can’t go down from DoT. You have to beat it with either Fierce Strike or Fierce Impact to get the achievement. Cheers!

Play friendly bettle.

thats great thanks guys ive been doin bleed then the other hits

I got it in the tournament last weekend.

Ive done that and the rex dsr vs brachi achievement. Is it truly only pvp?

Campaign. Balance