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Spinosaurid Hybrid Reworks

This article is to make some [Spinosaurid] hybrids more usable, or to make them reasonably close to what their parent’s movesets have.


Before getting into this I quickly wanted to go back to yesterday’s article. I reworked the Spinonyx loadout I made accordingly to what some replies said.

This is the basic idea. Most comments said that it should keep the Minor Rending Attack as it was the thing that made it an excellent tankbuster, by KO-ing most resilient creatures within two turns using Lethal Wound and then Minor Rending. Additionally, a lot of people said that it should have more health as it had lost a rampage on turn one, so I raised its HP to 4500.

There were a few people that said it should get Definite Rampage instead of the Precise Shattering Rampage I decided to give it, but the problem with that was that if it had Definite Rampage with the moveset I gave it, it would dominate Indominus and easily KO it in the arena.

Here’s the new and improved version from yesterday, comment below and tell me what you think about it.


Back to today’s article.


Today I decided to do rework and explain 3 hybrids of the game which don’t make much sense or are just pretty bad in the game for their rarity.

The first one is none other than Suchotator. This is a hybrid that is well known for its random moveset and stats consisting of:

  • 4500 HP
  • 1300 ATK
  • 116 SPD
  • 0% ARM
  • 20% CRT
  • Superiority Strike
  • Lethal Wound
  • Nullifying Impact
  • Instant Distraction

This moveset and set of stats make absolutely no sense as neither of its parents have any of those moves (apart from Lethal Wound on Suchomimus).

Suchomimus (3900 HP) and Irritator (3300 HP) fuse to make Suchotator, and it somehow has 4500 health, which is not how it should work. Similarly, the hybrid deals 1300 damage on a strike, despite both parents having 1000 attack. The speed and critical statistics make sense, so that is not a bother.

Now onto the moveset.
Both of the hybrid’s parents are fierce creatures, so Suchotator has no excuse for being able to distract and decelerate other creatures.

Here is what I think a suitable rework for it would look like:

First of all, I significantly lowered its health from 4500 to 3900, which is still fairly good for a fierce creature and still stays in frame with its parent’s stats. Next, I lowered the attack from 1300 to 1100, which is a slight boost in attack compared to Suchomimus and Irritator. I kept the rest of the stats the same.

I decided to merge the Swap In Definite Strike from Irritator with the regular move to make it Suchotator’s default move. I changed its Lethal Wound to Maiming Wound, this way it is justified for Suchotator’s superhybrid, Thylacotator, to have that same move as well. I gave it Irritator’s Ferocious Strike, which will still act as an impact like it does with the nullifying move it currently has. Finally, I replaced Instant Distraction with API, making it more of a tank buster. I didn’t change it to DSI because it is only a rare hybrid and it shouldn’t be super good. Last but not least, I gave it immunity to deceleration, coming from Irritator’s side. This would be a creature that would be played similarly to how Spinonyx is used in the higher arenas.


For the second part of the article I will talk about Spinotahraptor. This is a hybrid whose existence is almost purposeless (apart from the fact that it’s used to make the super hybrid Spinotasuchus). Its stats are average for a raptor, but given its large size, (in terms of stats) it should really have more health, as it is easily taken out by most creatures, including fierce. I also think that its attack could be lowered slightly, as it already has a wounding move in its moveset, though this isn’t necessary.

Onto my own version for this hybrid:

In terms of stats, I decided to raise the health from 2850 up to 3300, to match more of a Spinosaur stereotype, while still maintaining a cunning attack strategy. Then I lowered the attack from 1400 to 1350, a minor nerf. However, it is quickly overshadowed by a speed buff that raises the stat from 126 to 129 SPD. The rest of the stats remained the same.

Over to the moveset, I decided to change the hybrid’s default skill from Strike to Fierce Strike, to feed into the fact that it is a half-fierce creature. Next I changed Gashing Wound to Minor Swoop. I chose to do this so that it would only have to be used as a last resort as a means of escape, while also dealing damage, given that it is mainly part raptor. I kept Distracting Impact the same, but I replaced Cunning Impact with Cunning Rampage. I did this to imitate Utahraptor’s High Pounce. As the hybrid has a Spinosaurus stance, it could not perform the pounce animation that most raptors can, so instead of a Distracting Rampage, I thought that the Cunning Rampage was more appropriate due to the shorter cooldown.

This is it for Spinotahraptor. I hope you liked it, and if you didn’t please tell me how you would change it from mine.


For the final part of this article, I’ll be talking about Spinotasuchus. As I said before, Spinotahraptor is pretty bad for a hybrid as a whole. Similarly, Spinotasuchus isn’t much of an improvement either. Despite it gaining more fierce moves, it still lacks some aspects of Kaprosuchus, such as the damage increase ability and Utahraptor’s ability to distract the opponent. With this, it is also highly situational, as the opponent must be prone to taking Damage Over Time and be unable to use shields/cleanse/heal. Another disadvantage is the fact that Spinotasuchus can be slowed, which is odd considering that Kaprosuchus is immune to deceleration.

Its health stat is a major improvement from Spinotahraptor’s, but it still isn’t much for a fierce who can only break shields with its quick skill (Fierce Strike). Most of the time, it will even die to resilient creatures quite easily, since its vulnerable to being slowed down. Things like Diplodocus can easily stomp on this super hybrid because of their high damage output. Most players would use Lethal Wound on the first turn and would immediately have to use the Minor Swoop on the second turn since it cannot tank another hit from the opponent after being decelerated. True, if the creature does manage to escape it will kill the opponent with DOT effect, but it will have such little health left that it will basically won’t be useful for the rest of that battle. Critical Impact does not help it whatsoever in pretty much any scenario, a basic Rampage is better than that move as it deals more damage, has potential to get a critical hit on top of that and has a lower cooldown period.

This is my interpretation of what a better Spinotasuchus loadout would contain.

First, I gave it a slight health buff of 150 HP, from 3750 to 3900, in order to make it more suited to lasting longer in a one on one battle. I also gave it large boost in attack, changing it from a measly 1000 to 1400, like it used to have before the Raids were introduced. The current Spinotahraptor has 126 speed and Kaprosuchus has 126 speed, so I wondered why Spinotasuchus has 129 speed in total. I decided to swap both of their speed stats in order to make them more consistent (Utahraptor raises the speed and Kaprosuchus lowers it). The rest of the stats remain the same.

I tried to make the moveset include aspects of all the creatures that it is made out of. Cunning Strike comes from Utahraptor’s ability to distract, which is what makes Spinotasuchus part cunning. I turned the hybrid’s Lethal Wound into Lethal Swoop, as a way to show how my version of Spinotahraptor’s Minor Swoop evolved into an even better skill. Group Shattering Impact seemed appropriate for it because of Kaprosuchus’ ability to support a team with its Group Cleansing Strike, but to make it even more useful it would have to effectively remove taunt and shields from opponents in raids. Lastly I gave it Cleansing Impact because of Kaprosuchus’ cleansing ability. Moving on to the resistances, I made it completely immune to deceleration due to its crocodilian parent and lowered its swap prevention resistance from 100% down to 75%, since none of the parents have that resistance.

That is all for this article. If you have any ideas or changes you would make to what I have written, please tell me in the comments. Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful rest of your day.


I really like the way you did Spinotahraptor and Spinosuch. I’ve been trying to figure out a method to fix those two for a while now, and this seems quite good.

Your Spinonyx rework is quite nice. MRA was definitely one of the main reasons that it’s as good at its job as it is.

As for Suchotator…I’m not a big fan of it, but it makes perfect sense. I always loved this Suchotator though.

These were the Spinota reworks that I had:


I love both of those, the only thing that makes Spinotasuchus so bad is the fact that it’s prone to deceleration, which really sucks. If it had that immunity it would be miles better than what it is now.


Agreed. And the fact that Kapro has the immunity to decel and a cleansing move makes me just a tiny bit salty, I’ll admit.


I feel like having cleansing swoop would kill 2 birds with one stone, after all the swoop should’ve been upgraded and it needs a cleansing move. I would also change cleansing impact to lethal wound because it’s one of the only creatures with 2 bleeding moves


Spinonyx beating indom isn’t a problem, and indom having one more counter is a good thing.

Suchotator was weird, it’s fine rn and proly the best multi-tool this game has to offer. I don’t think it needs to reflect its parents as long as it’s balanced.

Spinotah buff is welcome

Spinotahsuchus is a mixed basket for me, the concept of bleed and revenge killing rly gave it some strength, and it would function well, here’s my take on it. It’s also pure fierce, and a component not getting representation isn’t bad.

Fierce Strike
Lethal Wound
Revenge Rampage
100% Speed Decrease, Swap Prevention
No Escape

This one keeps most of its flavor without ditching everything else


I’ll admit, that spinota rework is much better than mine, I tend to get a bit too crazy when going through some creatures lol

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But there really isn’t a need for a cleansing swoop, since it already has very high resistance to swap prevention already. Even with the cleansing swoop, if it tried to escape an opponent that has no escape the cleanse won’t do anything because the swap prevention takes effect after the move cleanses.

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still i believe that one of the main features of spinotahsuchus is the lethal wound swoop combo and having it just makes it a bit too similar to other bleeders. Plus can you explain why Stygidaryx has cleansing swoop and immunity to swap prevention

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Just consider what it’s supposed to do, so the change is worth it

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I agree all of those need reworks, tho i would do them a little differently

download (96)

I know you’re trying to make It similar to the superhybrid but i don’t think It benefits much from minor swoop, so i kept gashing wound

download (94)
As Spinotasuchus has critical impact for first turn damage, i feel like It should get ferocious impact since kapro has a ferocious move, and imo It would be much better than cleansing for good first turn damage. Despite having spinotahraptor as parent i think It should just be on a more fierce niche If It wants to have that decel immunity. Also a small speed nerf to 127 so the faster 128 and 129 cunning creatures can counter It effectively, It doesn’t need 129 speed for this role.

download (93)

While i agree suchotator should be made more fierce, i think It should remain a wild card with instant distraction. That would also justify Thyla having swap in distraction, which is a crucial part of its playstyle. I don’t think it’s a problem as many creatures have abilities that the parents don’t have but still contribute to the playstyle. I think suchotator should keep this quirk. I liked the Idea of It having the swap in move so i added that too.

download (97)

For spinonyx i pretty much agree with your rework, tho i don’t think It needs any precise moves as It is a completely fierce creature. But I’m not opposed either.


If they really do this to Onyx i will lvl up him to lvl 30


*Sad Spinocon Noises


download (98)


Suchotator would still need to have some sort of shield or decoration to be a wild card though, right?

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I mean, maybe? But it has swap in definite strike which is at least a little bit resilient so i’d say It fits in wild card


Spinonyx goes up against another lousy Dino, while continuing to pass by as a secretly bad Dino. By the way spinonyx is the worst Dino in Jurassic World Alive. It needs emergency heal and on escape cleansing strike to have a chance in Jurassic World Alive. Enjoy watching kaprosuchus dominate the arena and advantage tourneys from now on.

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I guess that’s something, but then Irritator Gen 2 would be fierce-resilient, and that feels weird :sweat_smile:

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Fun stuff I came up with a bit ago to help some bleeders out (just so you know, yes, Spinoconstrictor still has wounding counter, just couldn’t show it because of the passive ability)

download (48) download (47) download (46) download (44)

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