Spinosaurs please

Would love to see a showcase featuring spinosaurs, maybe a wounding or DOT theme.


Spino is my fave dinosaur. He is totally under powered in this game. Come on Ludia, have you not seen Jurassic Park 3?!

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LOL Ludia must have love and hate relationships with that movie. Love for giving sucho descent skills and hate for forbidding us to over leveling her by stupid iritaror incubator only dna


Even Jurassic park has tried to distance itself from JP3. Far and away the most inaccurate movie in a serious of movies not terribly well known for its accuracy.


I love how both spinosaurs in this game are bipedial. Make them quadrupeds and say you never watched jurassic park 3, and you will get away with it.

Spinosaurs are definitely my favorite kind of dino but I find it hard to level anyone of them up. I even have a hard time finding Suchomimus although he’s a common.

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LOL I hear that whenever someone brings JP3 up in conversation with Spielberg, they say he cringes visibly, and a chill fills the room…

And that animatronic Spino’s herky-jerky movement in close-ups… It looked like one of the bots at Chuck-e-Cheese had some weird lycanthropic thing going on…:joy::joy::joy:

They could have put more feathers on the raptors, instead of the two or three little ones that were on their heads, and the pteranodons… too big.

There was so much wrong with JP3, it really doesn’t surprise me in the least that the people who made it quickly started pulling the “Alan Smithee” thing.


A DOT theme would be great! I don’t think there’s been one before either!

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Spinosaurs were bipedal. They didn’t walk about on all fours, like some reconstructions have shown. Even respected paleontologists will tell you that.

The spinosaur family includes Suchomimus, Irritator, Baryonyx, and Spinosaurus. It’s not just Spino all by himself.

Yes, the new models show bipedal movement however the rear legs were comparatively short so they likely walked hunched over. The real travesty in the reconstruction in the movie was the snout, it was much more narrow and fragile than the JP3 Spinos. That combined with pencil like teeth make it killing even a juvenile Rex insulting.

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It was a Baryonyx in Fallen Kingdom, if that’s the one you’re thinking of.

It was still a Spinosaur, but didn’t have the sail, and wasn’t 17 meters in length.

I thought they did okay with the Bary, but honestly, these dinos (Suchomimus, Irritator, Baryonyx and Spinosaurus) were all fish-eaters, and probably scavenged what they could from carcasses if they needed to.

To be that aggressive, the Bary in the movie either was displaced from his habitat by the volcano (fear makes most animals fight), or he was just following the scent of what he thought might be food.

Either way, in real life the spinosaurs might have been quite imposing, but they most likely didn’t have the leg power to catch up with the prey of other carnivores.


And if my understanding stands up to any scrutiny, the Spinosaurus vs T.rex fight probably wouldn’t even take place since the Spinosaur would have spent it’s time around rivers and lakes, the places where it’s preferred food was. They were both apex predators but had their own niches, so them duking it out was far-fetched to say the least.

Unless I’ve been hideously misinformed that is.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the whole hybrid garbage.

Spino lived in what was North Africa, Rex was in the Northern hemisphere, in what was the western US. So no, a confrontation like that probably never would have happened. And the outcome may have been quite different.

In real life, the rex would have snapped through the Spino like it was munching on a Twix. Rex had a far superior bite strength.


JP3 brought out the Spino because everyone automatically assumes “bigger is better”. In the real world, things don’t always work that way.



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Maybe because King Kong is a giant gorilla and gorillas actually are powerful and able to fend off big predators.

Meanwhile Spino is a pushover, it has huge arms for a theropod, but the way non-therizinosaurid and non-ornithomimosaurid arm anatomy works, it can’t raise it’s arms high enough to damage any big predator dinosaurs. However what makes and breaks a theropod vs theropod battle is bite force and brute strength; not only Spino is lightbuild for such a big animal but it has a literal worthless trash jaw structure; anything bigger than an Iguanodon what can make lateral pressure (fish can’t) inside the lock of a Spino’s jaw would literally break it in half. Insult to the injury, Spino can’t break bones properly (weak jaw) and can cause no big wounds (conical teeth with basically nonexistent edge).

Spino would literally be chewed up and spit out by anything equal or bigger than an Allosaurus. Heck, there is fossil evidence of Carcharodontosaurus pushing it around like the B-tier fish eating excuse of a theropod it was.

So yeah… If giant gorillas like King Kong existed, there are some pretty good percentages they could defeat or maybe even kill a giant theropod. Meanwhile Spino vs any apex theropod is basically sending a stork to fight a smaller dog; it doesn’t matter it is bigger, it would be dismembered in seconds.

No, I don’t like king kong, because that’s not a dino.:rofl:


LOL you’re right. Godzilla and Rodan hold up the dinosaurian aspect of Kaiju much better than some giant gorilla.


But Godzilla vs. Rex… That fight would be over before it even got started.

A 300-meter tall Godzilla against a 15 foot tall theropod… Poor Rex.