Spinosaurs please

Godzilla barely shifts his foot, there’s an audible “SQUISH!”, and next thing you know, Big G is scraping Rex off the bottom of his foot.


Spinosaurus is over in a corner laughing herself stupid… Yeah, that would be the shortest fight ever.

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I really enjoy your paleontological commentaries… I went to the museum of natural history in NYC a couple weeks ago and it would’ve been way more fun with a professional commentary


LOL I don’t have the PhD to consider myself “professional”. I have the benefit of a lifetime of learning all I can and staying informed.

Oh, and sometimes visiting dig sites. No mesozoic rocks here, Kentucky was part of the Western Inland Seaway that entire time. :confused:


From the look of things, the museum still hasn’t updated its skeletons. Lots of tail-dragging still going on there, I see…

I would love to go to a dig site! Haha, I’m actually an avid scuba diver and have been to a few cenotes (never all the way to the bottom where the fossils are though…legally restricted for conservation and all that) but it’s amazing to see evidence of what the world was like before we became

Well, i still find fossils here, the occasional brachiopod, crinoids, maybe a fish or two… but there have been mastodon and short-nosed bear fossils found in the appalachian mountains in the eastern part of the state. Pleistocene era, but still fossils.

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And no… I don’t think so either, at least not in this department. I had been there a few years ago and it looked exactly the same this time around. They did expand their space and celestial exhibits tho (not my cup of tea, but apparently it was well received)

I really need to get back up to Chicago sometime, and go back to the Field Museum. Got to say hi to old Sue again…

No way, Where around the Appalachian? I’m in the suburbs of the Baltimore/DC area!

And if you’re ever in SE Oklahoma, go to the Red River Natural History Museum outside Broken Bow. They have a HUGE Acrocanthosaur skeleton there. All 36 feet of it.

Eastern Kentucky, around the Daniel Boone Nat’l Forest.

I swear… being a paleontologist was my first dream job… I need to make more time in my life for these things

(Off to bed soon, it’s getting late here on the east coast, thanks again!)

Yeah. No prob. Be sure to check out part 2 of my paleo Halloween Special. It’s gonna drop on the 31st.

I wish here would be museums like this!

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If you want Spinos. Go to the Bahamas. Was there on a cruise earlier this month and they were everywhere on Nassau and Halfmoon Cay. :joy:
Sadly I didn’t get much dna for them. Spending time with my family was more important.

Fellow Kentuckian? :0

Bowling Green here.

Awesome, drove through there late last month heading down to FL.
I’m east of Shepherdsville.

Been there on my way east to look around Daniel Boone National Forest for good fossil sites. And my sis lives across the river in Indiana. I have family in L’ville, as well.