Spinosaurs reworked: poll

Alright, time for the next one. Won’t be coming up with any new moves this time, the reworks will be the simplest so far.

The reasoning

So first, we have to bring up the elephant in the room: Ready to Crush. I know not everyone likes this move, since it’s a waste of a turn, but on the right creatures, it can work wonders. Tryostronix is the best example.
It’s excellent at handling counter-attackers.

But the move is a lot less impressive on the other creatures that possess it, namely Baryonyx, Baryonyx G2, Irritator and until recently, Irritator G2.
But what about Tryo makes the move work on it, but not on its cousins?

In short, the answer is Immunity. But I’ve picked one Immunity that I think is the most important here, to help the non-immunes use RtC without becoming setup fodder themselves: Immunity to Deceleration.

But obviously, we can’t slap that Immunity on all 4 of the RtC users, and Pyrritator would end up too much like Alloraptor if it had it. The solution? Something interesting that Ludia did.
Ludia recently changed Irritator G2’s moveset to include Ferocious Strike, since being a swap-in attacker, it doesn’t have the bulk necessary to pull of RtC. So I’m going to take it further, and keep the Bary lineages as the primary RtC users, and the Irritator lineages as the users of Ferocious Strike, for variety.

That way, the Irritators become revenge-killers, while the Barys become head-on tank-busters/counter-attacker-counters.

Also Bary G2 is very similar to the Epic moveset-wise (it used to be a Swap-in attacker like Irri G2, but it was changed back) but sacrifices speed and damage for some much-needed bulk, so it’s different enough in my book.

As for RtC Pyrritator, RiP. I couldn’t make it work without sacrificing what Pyrritator is meant to be, so…well, you’ll see.

Firstly, time for a slight but not unimportant move buff:

Ready to Crush: Deal +50% damage for next 3 turns. +70% (formerly 50%) critical chance for next 3 turns.
Delay:0, Cooldown:2.

This makes the payoff even sweeter, and guarantees both Barys a crit on the Rampage, while still leaving Tryostronix with a 10% chance to fail.

I also think Irritator G2 is fine as it is.

1) Baryonyx
~3900 HP
~1270 attack
~124 speed
~30% critical chance

•Defense-shattering Strike
•Ready to Crush
•Defense-shattering Rampage

Immunity to Deceleration

2) Baryonyx G2
~4650 HP
~1120 attack
~123 speed
~30% critical chance

•Defense-shattering Strike
•Ready to Crush
•Defense-shattering Rampage

Immunity to Deceleration

3) Irritator
~4800 HP
~1200 HP
~123 speed
~20% critical chance (formerly 5%)

•Defense-shattering Strike
•Ferocious Strike (formerly Ready to Crush)
•Defense-shattering Impact

And that’s it for the lesser Spinosaurs!
Now, on to the big two. I think Spinosaurus G2 is fine as it is.

4) Spinosaurus
~3900 HP
~950 (formerly 850) attack
~122 speed
~5% critical chance

•Gashing Wound
•Exploit Wound

No Escape

Yup, that’s it. However, Exploit Wound is in for a buff:

Exploit Wound: Target is Vulnerable for this turn and the next turn. DoT 0.2x of target’s max HP for 3 turns. Opponent’s damage is reduced by 50% for 2 turns.
Delay:0, Cooldown:2.

I think No Escape makes sense based on how it never stopped pursuing the main characters in JP3, until after it was defeated.

And that’s it for the non-hybrids!
How did I do?

  • Thumbs up.
  • Thumbs down.
  • Neutral.

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Now, on to the hybrids. Most of these are just simple reworks, but one of them is special. Wait till the end to see which one.

I also think Suchomimus, Magna and Erlikospyx are fine as they are, for now anyway. Yes, Spyx has lower health than both parents, but it also has higher attack than both of them.

1) Tryostronix
~4200 HP
~1300 attack
~124 speed
~20% critical chance

Actually, I’m going to stop there with Tryo. The only change is from Armour-piercing Strike to Defense-shattering Strike, because both ingredients have that move. Apart from the RtC buff of course.

2) Spinonyx
~4350 HP
~1120 attack (formerly 1000)
~123 speed (formerly 124)
~15% critical chance (formerly 5%)

•Minor Rending Attack
•Lethal Wound
Ready to Crush (formerly Precise Rampage)
•Definite Rampage

•Immunity to Deceleration

3) Spinotahraptor
~3240 HP
~1400 attack
~126 speed

•Gashing Wound
•Distracting Rampage
•Critical Impact

No Escape

You know which hybrid comes next. Now it’s time to look back at the poll I had a while ago regarding the Swoop rework.
The changes involved making Swoop a Priority move, and adding a 1-turn 90% distraction to it. It was later decided that 90% was too much, and 50% was probably better, but even no distraction whatsoever would probably still work.

  • Swoop should have 50% distraction.
  • Swoop should have no Distraction.
  • Neutral.

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Anyway, onward!

4) Spinotasuchus
~3750 HP
~1380 attack
~129 speed
~20% critical chance

Distraction (formerly Strike)
•Lethal Wound
•Swoop (reworked)
•Critical Impact

No Escape

5) Pyrritator
~3300 HP
~1300 attack
~129 speed
~20% critical chance

Ferocious Impact (formerly Pounce)
•Distracting Impact
Armour-piercing Impact (formerly Defense-shattering Impact)

(Edit: changed Ferocious Strike to Ferocious Impact, and Distracting Rampage to Distracting Impact.)

Yup, almost back to the glory days of Pyroraptor, hopefully.

6) Spinoconstrictor
~3600 HP
~1200 attack
~122 speed

•Pinning Strike
•Precise Rampage
•Exploit Wound (reworked)

•Wounding Counter
On Escape Lockdown Impact
(a more trollish form of No Escape)

And that’s all!
How did you like the reworks?

  • Very much.
  • Not at all.
  • Neutral.

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The special one

I meant Suchotator. Of course I did. I know, I love it too, but it’s too good for what it is, and needs to be toned down.

~4000 HP (formerly 4500)
~1000 attack (formerly 1070)
~116 speed
~5% critical chance (formerly 20%)

•Superiority Strike
Gashing Wound (formerly Lethal Wound)
•Nullifying Impact
•Instant Distraction

That’s all I could bring myself to change. What do you think?

Regarding the special one,

  • Too harsh.
  • Not harsh enough.

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Remember, you can always ask for the reasoning behind each change.

Happy voting!


Suchotator gets trashed by the immune meta… if this was in the past I’d sorta agree but not now my friend


Why do you hate my beautiful baby? :neutral_face:


Well, it’s only a Rare hybrid, and it’s ingredients are trash, yet somehow it’s better than most Legendaries. It’s simply too good for what it is.
In fact, it’s the best Rare hybrid of them all, I’m pretty sure.

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Suchomimus is really a TRASH!

But Irritator Gen2? No…

My beautiful harmless baby didn’t like your comment :laughing:

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I don’t. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s still useable.

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They’re both equally trash. Gamepress rates them both as Scavenger tier.
I agree with that assessment.

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For the most part i agree with the reworks, barys, irris, tryos, spynonyx( though i think It could have kept 124 speed), spinos, I think those reworks are perfect for them. You gave RtC and Exploit wound a deserved buff and i love it.

Spinotasuchus i totally agree with, though I’d like to add the swap in definite strike from kapro.

For spinoconstrictor, the on escape Lockdown impact is an improvement, though i think this hybrid needs an hp buff most of all. If you removed the wounding counter then i don’t really agree with the rework, but chances are you forgot about It :laughing:

Lastly is Pyrritator. That’s the one that i didn’t really like, It looks a bit worse than the current version. I think It should keep DSI, irritator has It after all. I know pyroraptor once had API but it makes more sense for pyrri to keep DSI. I like that you added ferocious strike, but i don’t think replacing pounce was the right choice. Distracting rampage is rarely seen and it’s tempting to give It back but the 1 delay really ruins It for most dinos. It works for stuff like diplovenator and yoshi that can reliably avoid much damage before going for the big hit. For pyrri i don’t think it’s good anymore. It really needs a first turn big hit, so I would have gone for:
Ferocious strike
Defense shattering impact

As for suchotator, i think it’s fine having some exceptions in the rarity power rule and suchotator is a perfect exemple. It’s the beginners battle tower MVP, an early game staple. Also, bleeders are too weak now. So for me It should just stay as It is.
Overall great rework!


This is TRASH

Irritator Gen2 is “underestimated”

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:man_facepalming:Oops! Guilty as charged :joy:. Edited it now.

Ah yes. I am familiar with the Distracting Rampage problem, but my vision for Pyrritator was for it to be a revenge-killer, kinda like Gorgosuchus. Finish something off with Ferocious Strike, then Distracting Rampage whatever’s next. That would do a lot of damage, so I thought API would be enough for the next move, since shielders aren’t all that great right now yadda yadda. Stuff like Stegodeus should be able to do well against it.

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Exactly my point.

Seriously though, does anyone else think Irritator G2 is underrated, or is that an unpopular opinion?

I also think irri gen 2 is better than people assume, but not by much. One member of my alliance has a level 30 for some reason :rofl:
And isn’t this dino one of the ones chosen by Batman for his 4 dino only team?


That shows how good irrit 2 is

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Yes, yes it is, I actually had that in mind while pondering if I wanted to change it or no.

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So suchotator can continue on. Not like its gonna do much against experienced players, even in the low-ish arenas


@zBatman also uses Dimorphodon, Velociraptor and Trex. I’m pretty sure the whole point of the team was not to use particularly powerful creatures.



Yeah i like the idea of it being a revenge killer, though i think just being a revenge killer makes It worse and doesn’t fit the raptor role It also has. Having the option of revenge killing with ferocious strike but maintaining the possibility of the big turn one damage and distraction with pounce when both dinos are “fresh” makes It a more reliable and versatile dino, so It would be my choice If i could change It.


It can handle Tryko and Dio, two of the best in the game, so it has some use. If Gemini loses its Immunity to DoT, it’ll be used even more.

My equal level velociraptor would eat that thing for lunch

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Yeah it was the point, but he chose each of them for a reason, they are good for what they are, even if just some strategical sacrificial swaping. If he had chosen anky, estego and the like chances are the team wouldn’t be sucessful

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