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Spinosaurus and monolophosaurus gen 3

After the introduction of gen 3s i think it’s a good chance that we might get to see a realistic spinosaurus and the camp cretaceous monolophosaurus. So what do you think should these creatures be

Spino gen 3 :

  • Common
  • Legendary

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Monolophosaurus gen 3

  • Rare
  • Legendary

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I particularly find this GEN idea horrible, they ask for a lot of opportunity to add a wide variety of dinosaurs to the game.


But it also means that new creatures can come with a gen 3 as well

Mono g3 would most likely be an exclusive rare/epic (most likely rare, but Bumpy efectivly serves as a g3 anky so you never know)

Spino g3… if it was a realistic one walking on all 4s with that fancy tail i’d honestly like a new rig, along with oxalaia. For that one i’d then preffer to be another epic, but having diffrent gens of the same creature in the same rarity would be wierd

Or maybe they could name it Spinosaurus Aegypticus?

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My idea was for spino g3 to be a legendary like para lux, and it would make sense because the model could be super detailed and it would be, in a sense, the final and best version of the spinosaurus. A new rig would be needed, and it could spawn in the wild. Maybe instead of being gen 3 it could be Spinosaurus Lux, and be albino with dark stripes running down its back and spine. This is a bit of a far fetched idea, but I like to put my thoughts down fully


I voted the non legendarys cause if they were legendarys then thatd mean there hybrids

I like that idea i think its good

Parasaurolophus lux has entered the chat

Really, I don’t think it necessarily means that, when you think about it everything in the franchise so far is a hybrid including the “non-hybrids” so I think it’d be fine, but I’d prefer new creatures instead of gen 3’s. Even if they show up in the show I don’t think it means they need a new gen, like there are many different sino’s stegos and gallis in the CC but there’s no real need for a gen 2 of them


Yes you’re right but as i said it could also mean that future creatures could have a gen 3. For example pachyrhinosaurus has three species that look different from eachother

I’ll tolerate a Gen 3 in a hybrid (even though it’s kind of a lazy name tbh), but not in a normal dino. There’s plenty of actual dinos and other creatures that could have that spot instead.


Yes but let’s wait maybe gen 3 will be restricted to the scorpius family

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sorry i’m replying late but I totaly forgot that he existed lol