Spinosaurus buff

I believe the spino should receive a minor buff.
My supporting reasons:
The spino is a large carnivore that is larger than the rex.
Im Jurassic Park 3 was shone to be able to defeat the rex pretty quickly.
The Spinosaurus was assumed to be aggressive and challenged other large predators.

Example for normal spino: Its attacks should be able to pierce armor as it is a large carivor, and base damage when you first get it would make more sense if it was a bit higher but still bellow the Trex(gen2) (buff up to 500 or 530 would seem fair.) Bleeding damage could go up to 1 and 1.5x compared to .5 and 1x respectively.

Other than that I think its a good setup but just needs a small boost to put it on par with other large carnivores.

Im not saying make it too op however i believe it should have something to make them compete with the rexes at their rarity levels, especially since theres plenty of evidence supporting its ability to beat the rex as well as that being part of canon story in JP3.


He is good for being a epic and got a x3 attack buf recently, he only need a legendary op hybrid not a buf himself


Passive: immunity

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The Spino in JP3 was a hybrid beast and not a normal Spinosaurus. It could use a buff but not based on the movie.

“The Spinosaurus was assumed to be aggressive and challenged other large predators.”
Again, don’t go off the hybrid Spino in the movie. The Spino was a fish eater and certainly did not challenge other large predators.


Great white sharks and orcas eat fish.

Also grizzly bears

Yeah, cause orcas and great white shark live in water, duh…

Grizzly bear is mainly plant and carcass eater + fish. It is not a ‘real predator’. The only reason it appears to be one is because there are no big enough bigcats or wolfs to make it run for its money


Actually, all evidence suggests Spino would get its guts stomped out anything equal size or bigger than an Allosaurus.

  • non-ornithomimosaurid and non-therizinosaurid theropods have limited arm movements. They can’t swing their arm higher than their head and T. Rex and true apex bigger than Allosaurus dinosaurs are taller than Spino.
  • it was a slow runner
  • Spinosaurus is a megalosauroid, which is an old clade of dinosaurs. Carcharodontosauroids and Tyrannosauroids were more intelligent than the ancient and dumb megalosauroids.
  • Spinosaurus has conical teeth with basically nonexistent edge, which is useless for slashing flesh
  • it has a very thin and fragile jaw, and it’s literally useless against lateral torsion. Anything bigger than an Iguanodon can shake inside the mouth of a Spinosaurus with enough force it would literally shatter in half.
  • not only it’s jaw is literally useless biting on a Dino and has needles instead of proper knife teeth, but it has a weak bite as well, so no bone breaking…

Also, wrong. It wasn’t contesting anything. Ever since the oversized Baryonyx body was debunked it is no longer accepted it could contest a Carcharodontosaurus. Also, there is actually a broken Spinosaurus spine piece, shattered by a Carcharodontosaurus. If anything the poor thing was pushed around by the bully Carcharodontosaurus the moment it left the safe water shallows, feeding on fish like the B-tier theropod it was.


Also worth noting the an Oct 2018 study by a number of paleontologist suggested Spino was significantly lighter than previously assumed, under 5 tonnes. This means it doesnt even qualify as a mega theropod anymore. Allo, Carcar ESPECIALLY Rex… Wouldve absolutely dominated Spino


That is absolutely true. Forgot to mention that. :slight_smile:

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I Agree they should make metricanthosaurus and fuse it with that

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In real life, the spinosaurus could not defeat any carnivore that exceeds 10 meters, but in the Jurassic Park all dinosaurs are inaccurate.

The tyrannosaurus had small feathers and could not roar … it sounded like a pigeon

The velociraptor in real life was almost the same size as a turkey and also had feathers.

The brachiosaurus could not bend the neck as much.

the dilophosaurus of Jurassic Park seemed like everything … except a real dilophosaurus


Spinosaurus was actually a Spinosaurid and so was Baryonyx and Suchomimus were also Spinosauids and Spinosaurus was heaven than most theropods and should given a buff due to it important part in the Jurassic Park franchise

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and if we better begin to give ideas of how to improve the spinosaurus in the game, instead of trying to put the logic in a science fiction movie?

I say spinosaurus is epic and spinosaurus gen 2 is the weird

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That’s because the meta of this game follows movie canon. The Spino on Sorna was a hybrid, accidentally created in Site B’s lab by Wu as an attempt at giving feathers to dinos. He certainly didn’t expect it would survive past the hatchling phase, but when it did, Wu released it into the wild, taking his research in a completely new direction. He wanted to see what it was capable of.

He found out, and subsequently destroyed almost every trace of the Spino’s existence on Sorna. He knew that if ingen or anyone else found out what he was doing in secret, it would make him wanted as a criminal by the entire world. This took place shortly before JP2, and the reason no one in JP3 knew the Spino was there in that film, is because the island complex they found in Lost World was a worker village. The complex they discovered in JP3 was the actual genetic labs, on a different part of the island entirely. In the area that had since become the more aggressive than normal Spino’s percieved territory.

In the game, the Rare Spino represents the aggressive killer hybrid from JP3, while the Gen 2 is a “rebuilt”, less aggressive, and more accurate version of the actual dino. Masrani was developing it for the JW park on Nublar, but it was never unveiled to the public, probably because they remember what the first one did to Sorna, and they didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. So instead, they just allowed Wu to get on with making all-new mistakes.


Was just about to comment saying can’t wait until @Dalek62771 gets a load of this :rofl:

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Too late. :joy::joy:

Tyranosaur didnt have feathers

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if he had feathers, and his eyesight was one of the best

Actually, the feathered Rex theory has been debunked.

Only Tyrannosauroids like Yutyrannus, Guanlong and Proceratosaurus had fur like protofeathers.

All the evolutionary new Tyrannosaurids like Gorgosaurus, Albertosaurus, Tyrannosaurus and Daspletosaurus had scales and bare skin.

The only area we don’t have skin impressions from Tyrannosaurids are the top back and the arms. Maybe there were display protofeathers (again, furlike). Everything else is thick skin and scales.

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