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@Raven is correct. Evolution favored the raptors to become birds, even though Rexy and all of her relatives were still very birdlike. I don’t believe that all Tyrannosaurids were completely bare, since in most cases feathers were structures that didn’t survive fossilization. That’s the main reason they were never considered as common until recently, when other dinos were dug up with feather impressions (Sinornithosaurus was probably the best example).

Rexy and all of the higher evolved Tyrannosaurs probably had what some call “dino fuzz”, a thin downy covering - something that definitely wouldn’t survive fossilization - that may have been more for warmth, especially in the sub-polar latitudes. Albertosaurus and Gorgosaurus most likely had something like this, but since Rex lived in a generally warmer area year round, it’s believed that any feathering would either have been sparse, or non-existent.

Feathers in most cases are used as display, to bring in a mate or something like that. But in the case of what we know so far about Rex, it seems that feathering for this purpose would have most likely been useless, as it seems Rex was the only species of Tyrannosaur we know of that didn’t play well with others.

In their earliest iterations, what we currently know as “Tyrannosauroids”, feather impressions were left behind in a lot of cases. Proceratosaurus, Guanlong, Dilong, and Aviatyrannus all are believed to have been feathered.


occurred after the events of Jurassic Park 2, and gene 2 of Spinosaurus is not at all accurate

I consider that the spinosaurus deserves to be epic, after all there are people who like this dinosaur, and you must admit that, instead of killing the Tyrannosaurus, it will simply have won it or the two tied, it would not be so hated. like now.

Its design and colors were impressive, in addition to its animatronic is the largest in the franchise.

Fun fact: during the scene of the blow in the fight, without wanting to, decapitate the animatronic T Rex.

what ended up ruining the spinosaurus was that the original script was discarded and simplified, and also that it cut the best scenes, one of them was when the mercenary grabs a stick to defend himself from the raptors, even in the original script that was going to explain his origin, because there was a large incubator where its silhouette was shown when it was not yet developed

Of course, it is not as current research suggests, but also in those years the theory of how it was and how it lived was that of a super predator, and had misconceptions of many other dinosaurs, in addition, the whole saga has many errors. the triceratops horns was bone unprotected , that Tyrannosaurus had a poor visual ability and also made us believe that the dilophosaurus was a small dinosaur, with a skin collar and that it was also poisonous

Finally, I know that many like to say why the Tyrannosaurus scientifically surpasses Spinosaurus, but why do not we give Spinosaurus the opportunity to fight at home? spinosaurus vs tyrannosaurus underwater


Like I said before, the Spino we know as “rare” was the JP3 Spino. The epic Gen2 was a less aggressive version that was considered for the JW park on Nublar, but never made, due to safety concerns. (They had no idea if this new and improved Spino would snap into tourists like it was munching on a Twix. And then they built the Indominus, which was far deadlier than the Spino could ever hope to be - because hey, why not? Wu still blames this on a “Momentary lapse of Reason”, although I’m fairly certain he was actually telling someone the title of his favorite Pink Floyd album…)

So why the game made the rare Spino less powerful, when it’s the super-aggro monster from Sorna is known only to Ludia at this point.

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As to a Spino vs. Rexy rematch, I would like to see it. JP3 did so many things wrong from the start.

First and foremost was the fact that the studio had dollar signs in their eyes the entire time. This franchise was a cash cow, and by god, they were gonna milk it dry, no matter how weird they had to get.

Second, Michael Crichton had run out of ideas after taking a stab at writing a screenplay for JP3. This, more than anything, should have been a major red flag.

Third, they kept throwing out script after script - sometimes even after sets had been built and dinos made. Eventually, what had been filmed already was spliced together with reshoot material to form a (sort of) coherent story.

Fourth, Joe Johnston is a capable director, but not when it comes to a film that follows the first two in a lucrative franchise.

The end result was probably the first nail in the coffin for the JP franchise. The second was the panic that ensued at Universal, and the resulting barrage of crazy ideas to revitalize the image of the series: a cartoon series that never saw production, a toy line that only got to release 4 toys from said series (Chaos Effect), and all sorts of other stuff that pretty much turned the public away for awhile.

It was with JW and Fallen Kingdom where we saw that Universal was finally taking the series seriously again.

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I don’t necessarily hate JP3, it is what it is. Yes, the Spino was scientifically inaccurate, in both aggression level and the fact that T-Rex most likely would have killed it, as its jaws were better suited to literally pulverizing flesh and bone. Spino’s however were weak by comparison, with its long croc snout and conical teeth. Just because an animal is bigger, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better.

Besides, they were originally planning to have Carnotaurus as JP3’s new baddie, but he was replaced with Spino, and Carno was replaced by his early ancestor, Ceratosaurus.

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first, where did you get that information from spinosaurus gene 2? I want to find out more about the saga

Regarding Jurassic Park 3 was the nail in the coffin of the franchise is true, the truth does not contribute much to the saga, even so, it was not the original script, but ended up being entertaining, with good designs and added many things that took advantage to start the new saga.

Regarding the fact that they are taking seriously with the new films, I do not agree, Jurassic World was excellent, Fallen of kingdom I did not like anything, abuses the nostalgia, has several plot holes and without counting the deux ex machina moments, better example the escape of the mosasaurus, who would build a gate that connects its enclosure with the ocean … and how does it connect if the enclosure is in the center of the island ?, I only hope that Jurassic World 3, does not make the same mistakes

last, the role of antagonist for Jurassic Park 3 was for the baryonyx, which was ruled out for being very small, the carnotaurus replaced the spinosaurus in fallen of kingdom so that the spino does not steal prominence, as it happened when Stegoceratops was discarded in Jurassic World, so that this hybrid does not steal prominence to the Indominus Rex

As for lore, I watch a lot of Klayton Fioriti’s youtube stuff. He always does his best to verify what’s true according to Universal Studios.

As for my hypothesis regarding the Gen2 Spino not being the one on Sorna… Well, look at its stats, compared with the rare version. The rare version seems much more vicious by comparison. From lore, we know that only one Spino was created on Sorna, totally by accident. Now, this dino was left behind by ingen in a half-a$$ed attempt at covering their tracks. It wasn’t until 2001 when Grant & company went back to Sorna and discovered quite a few other species that weren’t on the ingen production list.

Knowing that, it’s simple to deduce that when Masrani Global bought ingen, they also discovered documents related to the Spino. It’s not too far gone an idea to think that they might have planned to create a new version, one that was less aggressive, or at least a lot less bitey.

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Spino should be buffed yes, but not as much as t rex because even though it beat it in jp3. There is still no match. T-Rex wins


it is a good theory, although it is only a conjecture, after all, it is not known whether they designed the spinosaurus gene 2 in the game as an indication that there was another spinosaurus in Jurassic World that was much stronger or simply added it to add variety

I’m just saying that they change their skin or that they give them the passive ability to counterattack, so many could take it on their team, after all it’s the favorite dinosaur of several in the game

and thank you, I’m going to watch the youtuber videos

As far as the lore goes, officially there was only one Spino ever made. That we know of. The original, which in game is the ‘rare’.

Now maybe Ludia is hoping to add to the lore by saying that Masrani Global created the epic Gen2 Spino for Nublar. It’s the most logical thing, since a spino paddock was built on Nublar for Jurassic World. Sadly, we never got to see it.

Maybe it will resurface in JW3.

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Hopefully they do, and not only with the spinosaurus gene 2, but with the other dinosaurs that we did not see in the saga

One thing they have announced about JW3: NO crazy hybrid shenanigans from Wu this time. Why they chose to do that might be to give certain actual dinos more screen time. Sure, IRex and Indo were neat, but they chewed up the scenery, so to speak.

I think some dinos are deserving of more screen time, like Carnotaurus and Allosaurus. Baryonyx could also fare better with more than the snippet of exposure he got in Fallen Kingdom, and I’ve always hoped for a return appearance by Spino - even if it’s not as a rematch with Rex.

I think the filmmakers felt the same, and didn’t want all the movies to focus on the whole trope of “good guys vs. bad guys with killer mutant thingy”. Also, they expanded the dino population far past any previous film in the saga, so lots of them need some serious screen time. With the added distraction of another hybrid running amok, the audience focuses only on that, and not so much on the other creatures.


I’m actually very upset about how weak she is. Only downloaded for it and had to see it getting spitted on when I saw a T-Rex’s stats compared to the Spino. Buff plox!

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and it does not have a unique hybrid that does it justice, Erlikospyx does not count, it is closer to the Therizinosaurus family than to spinosaurus (and they do not even add therizinosaurus).

Ludia simply does not want “problems” related to a certain movie.

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