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Spinosaurus Gen 2 Tournament 03/19/2021 - 03/22/2021

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our latest superstar making his way into JWTG.


Finally my boi Spino gets the respect he deserves.


The most wanted gen 2 for me :+1:

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I hope it’s the best of all carnivores !!

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Interested in the stats, lvl 40 model and well after the last tournament the cost :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont like’s not a very creative spinosaurus.i expected it bo something like spino g1 from jwa

Well it’s spino g2 from jwa because it’s a gen 2, same with how they took the dliopho gen 2 model from jwa’s dilo gen 2.

I’ve gotta get one of those

I understand the dilopho difrerence.rare one is green and G2 is grey.we can tell which one is rare etc.but in this case both spinos look very similar.ludia should give it more patterns like spino g1 from would be less boring and lazy

Very decent boi, and by decent this time I don’t mean stats but DNA cost. :eyes:


And…another tournament dino with the same ludia very lazy again

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Spinosaurus gen 2:
Healt: 2796
Damage: 878

I expected it stronger than the metriacanthosaurus!

It’s the 4th strongest carnivore (out of the tournament level creatures) its cost is also gonna be less than the top 3.

I was expecting stronger but still I’m happy one of my favourites has a gen 2 now.


I’ll be able to support it lvl 40! It will be only just behind indom 20 by <3 ferocity! :grinning:

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Yeah, I was also hoping it would come out!
Lo spino is my favorite dino!

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This guy lvl 40 is different and very beautiful now🤩i’ve seen in Facebook


But that’s absurd! But also fake because the normal Spinosaurus is like that!

Gen 2 are the same as gen 1 but different in color!

Send me the link to where you found it!

You might want to delete it, posting hacked screenshots is not allowed…