Spinosaurus...Lack Of


Spinosaurus is my favourite dinosaur and I’m very aware that it doesn’t have the best name for itself in the Jurassic communities, but that shouldn’t excuse the imbalance that the devs may have created against it (conspiracy, I tells ya!)…I’ve only seen two in the past two months and the other day I came across FOUR ‘Rare’ Triceratops’ in the same area…Majorly dislike how some ‘Rares’ are rarer than others -_-

I’ve been hunting the forums to see if anyone else has this issue and it seems the last post made on the spawning was before the last major update…And since that update I’ve been seeing less and less Spinos.

Even in the incubators, they’re rarer than others…I’ve only ever had shards of one of each Spino in incubators since I got the game in May!

Best chance for Spino /would/ be the weekly showcase, but today at the start of a new week, I’ve been let down again. Closest they’ve got to having one in the showcase is the Spinotahraptor.

Don’t get me wrong; I love this game, but there seems to be some imbalance happening that I don’t like.

Does anyone have any new info on spawn mechanics since that last major update? A lot seems to have been shuffled around.



Spinosaurus & Spinosaurus Gen2 are both local spawn dinos.
They have 4 groups of local dino set.
You can check the Spawn Mechanics Post 1.3 update article on metahub.

Simply, if you can see Sarcosuchus around you, that means Spino (rare) will also appear around you.
Spino Gen2 is in another local group, with Diplocaulus everywhere.


Since the update I’ve been seeing a lot of spinosaurus and gen 2. You need to be in a particular local zone in order for you to spot any. :grimacing:

L2: spinosaurus
L3: spinosaurus gen 2


Spino’s use to be one of the commonest rares around here but after the update and the change of spawns they became very rare. On the other hand dinos that never use to spawn now show up, so give some take some.


I have seen 3 epic spinos since last night :man_shrugging:t4:


Noice, thank you!

(Seems like from other responders that Gen 2s are clustering in certain areas more than others (i.e. mine XD)



I went to visit Washington DC a couple weeks ago and there was one outside the Capitol building every day. I’ve ever seen two in the wild where I actually live