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Spinosaurus needs physical design changes! (New Fossil discovery)

Due to the recent fossil discovery, anyone else think that they should update the spino’s model to have that aquatic tail??? I do


InGen has created featherless velociraptors, so I doubt they’d change the spinos. But they did show a photo of an aquatic spino, they might add more spino hybrids or something.


Fair point, it’d be very cool if they did though

Same thing with the dilos. They were much bigger without the frill. And then you have argentinosaurus. That thing should be dwarfing brachi

It seems a little strange. I hope to get used to the time…


‘’ this is not my last form ‘’

  • spinosaurus changing shape for the seventh time

I darn near dropped my phone when I read this!

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Oh wow. That’s rather impressive.

I doubt they want to change the design, but we can give it a hybrid that looks like this new shape.

I would recommend a spinosaurus hybrid with alankylosaurus, combining alankylosaurus ‘defensive abilities with spinosaurus’ DoT effects … and a Stun Rampage
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Wrecked by the meta even though it sounds cool

Well, hybrid wise I think that a mix with one of the crocs could work, taking a look at this reconstruction

Maybe Sarco or Puru? Or if we get new crocs; Deinosuchus or Rhamphosuchus?


I say purussaurus, both were specialist fish predators, and clearly the hybrid would be more resistant than its genetic parents.

the question is the tail, we need a component that provides more flexibility and muscle mass, does anyone have an idea?


But crocodilians have a very powerful, and flexible tails. For instance, a croc or gator lunging can create a U or O shape with its body. A rigid tail would not allow for that. Also, crocs and gators swim using their tail, so you don’t need a component to make the tail more powerful.

Additional thickness, power, and even some flexibility would come from the Spino, itself, anyway. A tail being used as counterbalance (as is the case with Ingen Spino) needs to have weight and strength. The flexibility would come from the Spino’s ability to lift, lower, and shift its tail, while the crocs tail would account for undulated motions required for swimming.

Metriorhynchus, however, could help with a more aquatic appearance


I like the idea of ​​using metriorhynchus, an aquatic hunter with explosive speed would give the hybrid an advantage, and I think I already know what the other component could be.

If Titanoboa is similar to modern anaconda, it would not be strange that it has the same teeth designed to catch and not release the fish, in addition, it would provide muscles to the tail of the spinosaurus, another option would be a Stegosaurus like kentrosaurus, that would give it a more color eye-catching, posture suitable for movement in land areas and the most terrifying and powerful thagomizer in the game

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I LOVE this new spino. I’ve never really liked spinosaurids or theropods in general but the tail fin on this… just adds a whole new layer of beauty. Spinosaurus has gone from a Dino that I really didn’t care about to one that I genuinely like and am fascinated by.


I also found this new “Spino” incredible… But I’m still getting used to it. :sweat_smile: