Spinosaurus redesign

This is a redesign idea for the spinosaurus, it doesn’t vary much from the original but it allows you to fight in a better way in the game.


  • Improve their performance in the lower sands.
  • Make it a little more faithful to the movie.
  • Give it more synergy with the team.
  • Make it a more effective counter for a type of dinosaur.

Spinosaurus: Synergy and Control

Rarity: rare


Life: 3900
Damage: 850 increases to 1000
Speed: 122


Tactical Strike: damage x 1, vulnerability multiplies the damage of this ability x 2.

Gashing Wound: Reduces opponent’s damage by 50% during one turn and performs DoT x 0.2 for two turns, Cooldown: 1 turn. (Does not do physical damage)

Exploit Wound: held.


  • Powerful dinosaur counter with counterattack skills.
  • Increase your time on the battlefield.
  • Neutralize Chompers of common rarity.
  • Gain synergy with dinosaurs with vulnerability and exchange abilities among others (Euoplocephalus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, etc)


  • Maintains its weakness against immune dinosaurs or with cleaning abilities.
  • Initial DoT quite low.
  • Epic Chompers remain effective counters.

Spinosaurus: Indirect Block

Rarity: rare


Life: 3900
Damage: 850
Speed: 122 increases to 127

Vulnerability Strike: Damage x 1, target is vulnerable

Severe Wound: Damage x 1, damage x 0.2 of target maximum health, DoT x 0.2 for two turns, cooldown for one turn.

Exploit Wound: held.

Passive (optional)

On Escape Evasive Strike


  • Severe Wound is an excellent deterrent against exchanges with immune dinosaurs.
  • Neutralize some counters
  • Amplified damage
  • Increase performance against immune dinosaurs.


  • Maintains its low resistance
  • Does not improve its performance against raptors, armored dinosaurs, Chompers or with damage reduction abilities
  • Although the DoT will kill the dinosaur on the third turn, shields are now more effective as they dramatically reduce Severe Wound damage.

Extra Notes

  • During the making of this design, trykosaurus was injured about 368 times, until a decent balance was achieved for him.

  • Erlikospyx needs a new hairstyle and is not kidding.

  • Spinotahsuchus could gain the vulnerability effect on his ability to swap, that would allow him to slightly increase his utility and gain a more powerful synergy with Swap Dinosaurs.

  • Gashing Wound redesign is also useful for Suchomimus.