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Spinosaurus spawn rate


Ok I don’t know if its just me but haven’t seen a rare spinosaurus in a while. Today I found 3 t rexes but not a single spino they sseem to be even rarer than epics. Has any one else experienced this?


I didn’t even discover spinosaurus until today, didn’t even know it existed :joy::roll_eyes:


Lol I haven’t seen one in about 3 days


I encountered few of them. And I got some from incubators. So my Spinosaur is level 8 right now. Trying to get it to lv 10 to make that fusion with Utahraptor
However I’m surprised that I haven’t yet collected all common Dinos. I think I’m missing 2 of them. So far I have 25. … after playing the game for over a month l…
Btw so far I collected 53 dinos


Yea in trying to get the hybrid with the Utah mines already 10 but I need some to start and i have never gotten it in the incubator and haven’t seen one in the wild for about 3 days.


Nice on the 53 dinos I have 54. :sunglasses:


I’ve never seen it. I only have mine because I got super luckily with a 24hr battle incubator


I guess it will take some time to make certain hybrids


Yep just got my gorgosuchus today. Im so happy.


Yea I got mine to about level 9 with the amc incubator because it has preset dinosaurs. Then I barely got it to level 9 with finding it in the wild but just barely.


They are a ‘local spawn’. You need to do some exploring and find an area where Suchomimus and Tanycolagreus are spawning. This is where Spinosaurus will also spawn albeit rarely.

They are also a ‘nest spawn’ at schools although you will find Suchomimus there much more often.


It isn’t that common as my other raree but o have a few locations in London… He tends to show up around city areas… Not leveling him up jusr yet as im trying to make better hybrids first.


I also have an 8 hoping for a 10! I don’t think I ever saw it spawn!


Ok I will keep on looking to see if I find it.


I’ve got 67 dinosaurs in total but have… four hybrids I think took me about two weeks to make a stegoceratops :roll_eyes:. No spinosaurus I have 75/100 dna for it so fingers crossed it appears again.


Biggest issue for me is I am terrible at darting! Even if it spawned I probably won’t level it up! No hand eye coordination :joy::joy:


I’m awful at the skinny ones. T-Rex I absolutely suck at! Velociraptor etc I can get about 200 on a stegosaurus or a euo but not the ones I actually need/want :joy:


I still haven’t seen a spino in the wild yet, but I have run into its cousins, suchomimus and irritator gen 2…

Maybe I need to walk the 3 miles into the north side of town and see what’s up.


I hate the epics lol…


Well, some epics are useful. But a lot of them are there for players (myself included) who are “completionists”.