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Spinosaurus vs Indominus short film

Just found this on Youtube. Don’t know about you but it gave me a bit of a JWA vibe… catching dinosaurs and then battling them.


I just watched this today lol. There’s a similar one but with Indominus versus Indoraptor, that one’s good as well.

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That is from a couple years ago, Not as well made and the sound is off but worth a watch.


I have seen the Indoraptor vs. Indominus Rex one some time ago, and I can definitely see a lot of improvement in his animations over this year. I find it unrealistic that the Spinosaurus would’ve won if it wasn’t for the cartoonish looking kid, but despite the logic I loved this animation. I have huge respect for animators like these, just because of how talented they are. I give this animation an 8/10. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing, @Colin_Goodman!


All because that kid HAD to be a hero…intact, I has rooting for his death from that point on. I mean, the animation was amazing and all that, but all the kid had to do was be smart, and run but nooooo, he just HAD to take another picture.