Spinotahraptor appears on map instead of Bumpy

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Bug Description: On the map there should be T-Rex, Purrutaurus and Bumpy under the special event supply drops today. Out of these I was mostly looking towards Bumpy to dart, since I have no real use for the other 2, but Bumpy is highly valuable due to it’s apwx hybrid. Of course she’s the only one that seemingly have been switched to Spinotahraptor, as I can see the other 2 on the map, but I see Spinotahraptor instead of Bumpy.

Area is was found in: On the map.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Launching the game.
Step 2 - looking at the map.

How often does it happen: Consistent.

What type of device are you using: Android, but I think the problem is elsewhere as well.

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

You can see, the scbedule, all 3 creatures on the map and Spinotahraptor (as event dino) from clone on my screenshots. Hope we’ll have a compensation or REALLY quick fix to this, as it’s not the first time, that the most valuable event dino is the one that’s missing.


I agree 100%

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I just darted Bumpy she spawns. Spinotah is part of the week we have 2 commons and 4 rares and 12 attempts on epics, and I’ve faced it in some of the towers. The mistake is the ad not showing Spinotah, but you’re right no 1 wants it unless Alberto gets buffed

Hey there, profden. Spinotahraptor should be part of the event as well today. :thinking:

I’ll notify our team regarding the in-game news.



So to sum up, everything’s working as intended, so no compensations or rework or anything, while Bumpy is the only one I want out of them and it is the only one that’s not appearing anywhere near me, while I have only 1 day to dart it, and I’m home in quarantine because of having a mild covid… Thanks, I’m so much more “relaxed” now… :sweat_smile:

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I understand the need for Bumpy DNA at the moment @profden, especially with the new Apex Hybrid.

I’ve been trying to create it myself as well. :sweat:

I’m still quite far off, however.

I don’t believe our team can force specific creatures to spawn over another under the ESD, but I can definitely forward the feedback regarding the spawn variety to our team to look at!


I’m more in the dneed for Stygi DNA, but darting as much Bumpy as I can would still be much help.


I’m all in for the Bumpy DNA. I don’t think I’ve used any Stygimoloch DNA at all till just recently…I was never a fan of Tuoramoloch.


I have a lvl 30 Tuoramoloch (raised that to max lvl a long time ago), and after maxing it out I donated much Stygi DNA before the apex got into the game… :sweat_smile:


For me, it was between Diloracheirus or Tuora…but I had already invested heavily in the green rat. In hindsight, Tuora would have been the better choice. :smiling_face_with_tear:


She’s a must in many raids :grin:


I need both lol. I leveled my Bumpy to 21 for fun, but it kinda backfired I guess. I need both stygi and bumpy, mostly bumpy. This week is awesome

Ouch, that did backfire

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Literally 0 bumpy anywhere. What is going on?

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I do think there is a bug with the towers. There is everything but bumpy on the map (and, yet again, not as many green event blocks as there should be). I will probably have to drive quite a bit to find just one Bumpster. Seeing as we only have one day to collect stuff, this might be tough to near impossible to get Bumpy at all. I’ll head out shortly and report back to “headquarters” to see what I find :slight_smile:


As of yet I saw only 2 Bumpies (a lot more of the other epics), of wich only one was close enough to my house (where again I’m in quarantine currently) to dart. It was far from close range for it to be max duration, but at least I could already use one of my 12 tries to dart the only epic I want from the current bunch.

I haven’t seen any Bumpy since the beginning I just found spinotas but it’s fine since I need them

I going for Rex and bumby

Hey @Ned just wanted to let you know I was out for about 2 hours looking for the Bumpster, and I am happy to report she was around. Took some effort, but was able to max out my 12 tries solely on Bumpy alone. I think the reason people are not seeing much of her is simply the fact that we have 4 different creatures to choose from this weekend instead of the typical 3. That would make distribution of each a bit more scarce than normal. The green boxes seemed relatively even throughout, so it must have just been where I was on the map earlier that seemed they were not as numerous. Hope this helps everyone!

I found Bumpy also