Spinotahraptor or Suchotator?


I wanted to introduce a DoT dino into my deck and have a fair amount of DNA to level up both, but which one is truly stronger? I see Suchotator has a higher crit rate and also has nullify which is a great counter for dodgers and shields, but Spinotahraptor is much faster (126) and has higher damage with critical impact as well as Distracting rampage.

Thanks for the help!


The nullify move is redundant here. Regardless of shield, the DoT affects the other dino. Only self cleansing will get rid of it. I’d go with a faster dino so as to get the first hit in.


They both appear in the wild here, and frankly, I wouldn’t mind having both. Depending on which arena you’re currently in, they seem to hold up fairly well. It’s a hard choice between the two as to which i would use on a team, it just seems more like their use is situational, at best.


Suchotator imo. Superiority strike nullify and insta cripple. Its basically a jack of all trades