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Spinotahraptor Rework

So, I’ve been thinking about Spinotahraptor and while it is a fairly decent epic, I think it can be a little better, so I made this rework changing most of its abilities so it’ll keep a little bit more of both Utahraptor and Spinosaurus (I still can’t understand why they didn’t keep the No Escape)
What are your thoughts on this? This is my first time reworking a creature, so I’m no expert and can be wrong about some aspects, which is why I would love to read your opinions.
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maiming wound is exclusive to thylacotator so I dont think that will work, everything looks good


Here’s mine:


None will use spinoutharaptor. Your guy’s work looks perfect but don’t worry about is because it is not useful.

Yeah, Lethal Wound would’ve been better. Keeping Gashing Wound also works decently so a change to his DoT isn’t really necessary.

Sadly, that’s true, but since it’s one of the first epic hybrids you get, it should at least be worth the effort of unlocking it.

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The rework is great. But I feel that Spinotasuchus Would Work better for a rework than Spinotahraptor

The epic hybrid I unlocked was sarcorixis. But none can use spino for rest of the game. Maybe try to make it’s legendary hybrid a little more strong.

Like gosh dang, it’s legendary hybrid is a super Hybrid but it is no where close to good

Needs a health buff

I might switch cunning strike and fierce rampage (so fierce strike and cunning rampage, because the spinosaurs don’t typically have strong defense shattering moves, they’re more about bleed), but I like it! Might need a bit of an attack nerf though.