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Spinotahsuchus VS Spinocontrictor (JWA Battle #2)

Welcome back to JWA Battles!

Last time, we had the nodopatosaurus battle royale, and, surprise surprise, nodopatotitan came out on top. If you aren’t familiar with the rules, go check that one out, but if you know how we do this, then let’s continue!

Today, we have a battle between the two spinosaur hybrids, spinotahsuchus, the aquatic raptor, and spinoconstrictor, the venom spitting snake.


Best image I could find.

Height: 8 Ft
Length: 29 Ft
Weight: 3 Tons
Bite Force: 1 Ton
Weapons: Teeth, claws, possibly feet
Advantages: Faster and physically stronger than the snake, quite possibly smarter
Disadvantages: Snake could wrap around it quite easily

Length/Height: 42 Ft
Weight: 4 Tons
Bite Force: 1 ton
Weapons: Acid spit (JWA description and battling), constricting, and likely teeth from the two carnivores and the snake could bite itself
Advantages: Venom combined with constricting, spinotah has no true counter to this tactic
Disadvantages: Not as fast, smart, or physically strong

Spinotahsuchus is seen in the lake, coming out after a successful hunt. Spinoconstrictor was seen wrapped around a tree, looking for its next victim. It noticed Spinotah’s meal, and because it was desperate and hungry, slithered over to the raptor/crocodile/spinosaur. The crocoraptor notices the snake charging and kicks it away, knocking it over. Seeming to just be a nuisance, it decided to go back to its dinner. The snake hisses and charges back at the spinoraptor. Deciding there was no way to resolve this without violence, the spinocroc roars at its new foe. In the style of the precise rampage animation, the snake bites the raptor twice while the spinosaur attempts to claw it twice, only for constrictor to avoid the hits. The croc finally lands a face slice, knocking the snake over. The snake gets up again and constricts its foe, trying to end the battle early. Spinotah falls over, crushing the snake, and gets back up. Confident its strategy worked, it decided it was time to eat. But before it could, in the exact same style of the blue and rexy vs indominus scene, charges back at the raptor before spewing acid on it. The weird hybrid burns, but it isn’t fatal. Having enough, spinotah, in critical impact style, knocks the snake back. It tries to bite the snake, only for it to constrict it again. This time, there was no escape. After a few seconds, spinotahsuchus falls down, no longer alive. The snake decides it can finally eat, but not before a pteraquetzal steals its supper. The angered snake, still hungry, goes into the lake to look for another victim.


This was a rather close one. If we ran this fight 100 times, spinotahsuchus could probably win 30-40 scenarios. Without its acid venon, constrictor likely wouldn’t have stood much of a chance. But from the getgo, we knew its main advantage was a decent bite with constricting. That conbined with a little venom could quite easily finish the job. And constrictor constricting spinotah was likely to happen, because spinotah couldn’t continue to dodge and attack at the same time. Spinotahraptor really only needed one good slash, but couldn’t hit constrictor because of it consistantly changing “stances,” e.g slithering, “standing,” throughout the entire battle. I know what I did in the fight, but that was not a simulation. And to be quite frank, it’s possible constrictor could finish spinotah before bleeding out. To put it short before I repeat myself, the snake could dodge almost all attacks actually thrown at it and take out its opponent with the venom before any lethal blows. Making the winner of this fight spinoconstrictor!



Do you agree with the results? What are your calcs? Leave them in the comments!

Who would you like to see next time?

  • Trykosaurus
  • Monostegotops
  • Thylacotator

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@SonicNTGD I think Spinotah should be taller than 8 feet tall. I would put it at around 16-17 feet tall

about 13 feet tall would be fine, after all it is a mix between rapaz, crocodile and a Spino, obviously it measures less than a spino, if anything, Spino constrictor would win 7/10 of the battles .__.