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Spinotaraptor needs buff

I really love spinotaraptor I mean, it looks beautiful the model, the coloring. But yet it is so freaking weak. If you put it next to I rex gen 2 you get a big difference health wise and attack wise. The I rex gen 2 does like 4000 attack maximum, the spinotaraptor does only like 1000 attack max, both at level 11 but spinotaraptor can get one shot like almost all the time and go down like a sac of potatoes. It needs a buff.


You are very right It absolutely needs a buff

I don’t think it needs too much of a buff. Maybe make it’s first attack a fierce strike instead of strike and give it no escape? There are a lot of other epics hybrids which look cool and are very powerful. Maybe focus on those instead? Spinotahraptor was never a standout and I don’t ever see it being one. Indom Gen 2 has always been one of the stronger epics so just use that or brontolasmus, ankylodi, entelochops, megalotops, argenteryx, compys, thyla, sarco, velosrhacos, etc


it needs a buff

Pretty decently large health buff and change its basic move to fierce strike

Despite It’s spinotasuchus more need of a buff, as far as epic hybrids go, i do think Spinotahraptor needs a buff. Albeit: it’s legendary Hybrid also is in need of a buff too.


It literally gets one-shot by gamma and maybe veloracos and is killed in less than three attacks for everything else. So yeah it does need a buff.

If we’re gonna go that way, then LOTS of things need buff… But they won’t get it… Their time have passed. Ludia need their new toys to enchant players

Meh. It is what it is: An underpowered, quick, little legendary that - even at maximum level - can be taken out fairly easily. There are just better choices to try and acquire. Suchotator is almost as good and she’s just a rare. Spinonyx is better choice as legendary. But who knows? Maybe with the next update, Ludia will double the attack or halve the speed or something for all fierce dinos (with no boost reset, of course) to try and manipulate players into buying more, more MORE!!! It’s all very tiring.