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Spinotasuchas vs keratoporchus

I know bleeders aren’t doing so great in this meta but I’m wondering which one I should keep on my team, my spino is 25 and kera is 23. I’m leaning more towards kera because of the armor piercing damage and 20 percent armor but I’m not sure. I would also like to know, if I were to pick one, what stats would be best to boost on them?

Keratoporchus. It’s other abilities give it a fair shot against Immunes, especially dodgers.

Spinotasuchus doesn’t stand much of a chance against anything that isn’t a non-immune tank or chomper.

Thanks Persian, do you think I should focus on boosting it’s speed? It’s quite slow. Off topic but tell me if I’m wrong but it doesn’t make sense to me that increasing damage on a dino doesn’t increase there bleed percent but distraction does decrease it?..

Distraction doesn’t affect the bleed percentage.

Thanks for the clarification Qaw

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My Keartoporcus is only level 23 as well, but she’s doing incredible for such a low level.

Unlike Spinotasuchus, Keratoporcus has many abilities going for her while Spinotasuchus is mainly just bleed.

I don’t know enough about it’s stats to say what it’s really best suited for, but I would say it’s probably best to put most of the boosts in it’s health and attack and only some in speed, so that it’s guaranteed to be faster than most Thors, Trykos, and other tanks and anti-tanks, but not at the cost of being a dangerously heavy hitter against the likes of Magnapyritor or Proceratomimus, even while under a Distraction debuff.