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Spinotasuchus Boss Fight


How did you guys win?
I won with level 17 Monostego and 20 Indom.

  1. I throw Monostego.
  2. Spinotasuchus comes out.
  3. Spino does critical impact, doesnt get crit.
  4. I do slowing impact.
  5. I do greater stunning impact, and I dont get a stun.
  6. Spino is at low health.
  7. Spino does lethal wound, bleeding my monostego to death on that turn.
  8. I throw indom, and spino is still slowed.
  9. I do impact, and kill spino!
    Got lots of gryposuchus that wont be useful to me since I’m probably never getting grypolith.

I won using Akinfenwa (that’s how I call stegodeus) and allosinosaurus

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Well I went with swap in bleed strategy although I could go with different but I chose easy way with no risk. I got anky and kentro as reward

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Thor, Allosino and Dracoceratops

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I used my own spinota since I knew I could take the crit impact and live to lethal wound him. Then I just tanked him with stegod while he bled.

My son has much weaker dinos since he plays much less, so we went with the easy route - swap in bleed twice, then pounced with a raptor.

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Speed & Damage team

20 - Deinocheirus
20 - Velociraptor
19 - Delta
17 - Dracoceratops (just to fill in that 4th spot.

Basically everything I had would more than likely die in one hit but since I had the Speed advantage everything I had would also get at least one hit. Deinocheirus, 2x damage rampage hit, followed by Velociraptor 2x damage pounce followed by Delta’s 2x damage pounce was more than enough damage to kill it and it didn’t matter whether I lived or died with my first two dinos. I actually could have done it in any order as long as I used those three.

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I wasn’t 100% sure if 26 suchutator could survive so I took the critical hit, bleed, then swapped to that new Darwez birdie for the swap in double bleed.

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