Spinotasuchus Buff Need

What do you think of this possible spinotasuchus buff? I found it ideal and fair.![Screenshot_20201129-230904|230x499](upload:Screenshot_20201129-231028 Screenshot_20201129-231102 Screenshot_20201129-231336 //33jGU9hXd5e6anKoTrqUrbwjFDQ.png)

Not a huge fan of that rework. I’ve done this:

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What application did you use?

A website called JWA Toolbox.

I would prefer cunning rampage instead of pounce

Thank you very much, I will test it.


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I would like more a rework like this

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Take cunning rampage or impact instead of pounce, for such a huge creature pounce doesn’t sound good.

Yes this is what I want.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Really, I will redo


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What do you think of this buff in Spinotasuchus? I think it’s deserved and fair.Screenshot_20201130-003422

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Nullifying Rampage and Distraction Resistance are odd choices, but apart from that it looks very good. I could potentially see this being used in raids, especially if it had a Cunning move like Cunning Impact/Rampage or Distracting Impact/Rampage, or maybe even Revenge Distracting Impact.

I put resistance to distraction so as not to lose its potential so much, after all there is no purifier. The Nullifying Rampage I put on to give it more versatility.

Okay, but remember that fierce creatures like Spinotasuchus are meant to be countered by cunning creatures with distraction. Nullifying rampage might be better in specific situations, but I think a distracting move would be generally more useful.

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With Minor Rending and Lethal Wound, it’s kind becoming a squishier Spinonyx. Keep the Fierce strike, it doesn’t need to rend as well. Nullifying is odd, but it doesn’t really hurt it. Group Ferocity would be nice. However, it should not have a 40% Crit Chance. 5% is fine. Also, the 40% Crit Chance resistance is useless. It doesn’t help due to the current way Cunning is calculated. Just my thoughts. I’ll post my idea for it

Liked it. But this one looks more like a nerf, as he has no force attack.

And this one, did you like it? I think it was the best I have done so far.Screenshot_20201130-095729

I did my version. It pulls a lot on the traits of its ancestors and can purify and distract.

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