Spinotasuchus lethal wound cooldown

In the description it says that the cooldown for lethal wound is 2 turns, but it actually is just 1 turn.

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Never caught that before.

@Ned this should be easy to fix

Yes. Update description please :rofl::rofl:

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Thanks for reporting this Wilshire1966! Could you reach out to our support team at support+forums@ludia.com with any other information you have so they can investigate this further?

Hey Ned,
There’s no more information, just that. Its a description mistake.

Thanks for letting me know! I’ve passed along this information to our team, and hopefully, it’ll be addressed in the next update. Once there’s more information we’ll be sure to let everyone know on the forums and through our other social media channels.
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I hope it’s simply a DESCRIPTION fix that’s addressed…

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Knowing Ludia…here comes the NERF! I guess this would not be a surprise.

Given that the DOT lasts three whole rounds the cooldown should be at least 3 rounds, if I’m thinking of the right dinosaur edit: nm, wrong dino