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Spinotasuchus needs a change

I have fought against this guy many times and it often gets beaten by my level 12 and 13s. I feel that it should get some changes. Maybe take away the swoop for cleansing impact or maybe even pounce so that it has some more survivability. The health could also use a buff.


Don’t forget that the regular strike should be changed. There’s no reason a Legendary Superhybrid should have such a basic move.


It could have either dss or distraction for the basic move. I feel distraction is a better option for survivability and perhaps it could get swap in definite strike from kapro too


Cleansing Strike might be interesting as a Basic Move. Would give it a little bit of utility in certain matchups (instant distraction for example).

I think Swoop (although the name is ridiculous) is something fairly ‘fundamental’ to Spinotasuchus (even though the move is now a lot more common). That said, the move is really weak. If they changed it to work like Cleansing Swoop (25% - 2 turns) it might be a little more scary (assuming they changes the 4 * 25 = 99 bug).


Needs some kapro bits. It has crit impact from utahraptor and bleed from spino. There isn’t a single trace of kapro present. I feel that, for what it’s made of, it should get the swap-in. It’s not as good of a swap-in as swap-in stunning strike, so it should be fine.

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I think it would be the first creature with a swap in and swap out move too.

Bajatondon: am I a joke to you?

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Yeah, it kinda is a joke to me.


Don’t forget Edmontoguanodon lol.
Also Scaphognathus, Dimodactylus, Tupandactylus, Stigydaryx, and actually quite a lot of others.

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Eh, I was thinking more along the lines of swap in and out moves that do damage.


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Then again, technically damage over time would count, so those others do too. With Impact and Run and DoT and what not

How about Swap-in Definite Strike combined with Cleansing Swoop? That would be fun to use.
Maybe add No Escape too, for the fun of it.


I like the way you think. Although it’s odd that most crocodilians got No Escape but some didn’t

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It could definitely use a buff to its basic attack, not sure what but anything would do really. I quite like using mine, it’s bleeds have won me a fair share of battles. In saying that it’s easily replaceable, and it’s place on my team is purely due to it’s high level I have it at. I often swap it out when I want to try something new.

Stygidaryx :smiley:
Pterovexus :smiley:

You have to remember, this is made with 2 global ingredients and a zone exclusive ingredient. All are rare. Besides, it’s already better than stigydarex, so it doesn’t need cleansing swoop

Until Ludia comes out with what that actually, quantifiably means, this conversation is moot.

Besides, Stigydaryx needs a buff anyway.


I use it on my team, going to replace it with thylo but it needs to have a rampage or something. I would either get rid of the strike for distraction or make crticial impact distracting rampage. That would make up for it having such little health.

basic attack move needs to go for sure, needs either definite or distracting, Id go distracting with the swap in definite like mentionned in this thread.