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Spinotasuchus or Gorogsuchus? 🤔

I don’t know anything about the Spinotasuchus, so idk if he’s good or not. Should I save my DNA for him or is it not worth it? Or should I just keep leveling up my gorgo?

I think it depends on your local.

As a gorgo user, I chose to level up gorgo because spino wasn’t spawning in my local. Spinotasuchus may perform a little bit better overall at same level as gorgo, but gorgo is also a great dino. If you can level up your spinotasuchus as easily as gorgosuchus, maybe I would suggest to level up spino. If not, go for gorgosuchus instead.

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is it really necessary to level up a DoT bleeder? now that’s it’s damage is based not on it’s own level, bu t the opponents?"


DOTs aren’t effective against anything immune or with superiority…gorgo is a tank buster.

Spinotasuchus also has speed going for it too… especially with it being equal to the ever popular/annoying monomimus (129)… a higher level spinotasuchus would go first in this case

I personally don’t think spinotasuchus is a good bleeder because it’s too fast, slower dinos can at least get one bleed in even if the opponent has superiority strike. But spino’s damage is buffed in the last update so a decently leveled up spino can perform a high damage crit impact on the first hit.

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You’ve also got to consider Megalosuchus in this equation also. I can’t get enough Kapro DNA but would really love the Spinotasuchus with the Bleed and swap out move. Looks like fun.