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Spinotasuchus or Megalosuchus?


Both of them need Kaprosuchus DNAs which I rarely see one, so as the topic said, which one I choose go first?

Spinotasuchus has a bleeding damage but Megalo has a full-counter. Hard to choose tho

Or I should stop just only Gorgosuchus??


None of the above, because you stand a better chance of finding the actual hybrid dinosaur in the wild than you do of ever finding a Kaprosuchus.


Have both and prefer the Megalosuchus all the way :+1:t2:

Spinotasuchus is great for critical hits, has very nice speed, faster than majority of the other legendaries including the diloranosaurus and utasinoraptor. I just dislike two bleeding damage moves when it can benefit much more from armor piercing.


I see kapros all the time now at night


I prefer gorg just cause shield breaking and being able to setup a defense shatter after finishing off their low dino. I have 1 hit crit so many dinos with him


Neither are very useful in current meta. Megalosuchus maybe more useful, since it can counter IRex if used properly.


Megalosuchus is apex in metahub tier list, but i have it at 21 and hobestly lack of speed for do shiield first and perhaps some srmor piercing skill


In the current meta the arena is dominated by tanks and efficient tank busters. Neither of them is a tank buster and only Megalosuchus could play the role of tank, sort of…


Megalosuchus is actually an advanced version of Majundasuchus, very similar move set (cleanse-attack changed to critical hit), and overall better stats.

Yes, counter down I-rex is one good point of Megalo, but it got 2 other strategy:

  1. Counter trap: When your opponent & your dino both dying, and your dino is slower, swap to Megalo & let counter attack defeat your opponent.

  2. Counter attack itself is a good anti hit-and-run skill. Your opponent want to escape?
    No, counter attack could give an additional damage before automatic swap. Most hit-and-run dinos got lower health.