Spinotasuchus or Monostegotops?

Spinota or Monostego? Can’t decide.

In terms of which to make? They both have their uses, I love to use lead-off herbivores, so I’ve collected a LOT of the Monos. But the Spino is probably my favorite of all the s-hybrids I have right now (no indoraptor yet). It packs such a big punch and I have a whole slew of lvl 10’s that get a LOT of use in tournaments.

I prefer Spinotasuchus

With so many carnivores available, I’d prioritize the monostegotops, so you’ll have a very steady herbivore option when need be for battle. I got 8x spinotasuchuses, all at level 10, and they fit very well into my preferred tourney lineups, although they could easily be replaced by many other equivalent carnivore options. Not so for the monostegotops. My two cents. :no_mouth:


I’ve got several carnivores that have similar or even higher Ferocity scores than my level 10 Spinotasuchuses. The only herbivores that I have with a higher ferocity than my level 10 Monostegatopses are my level 40 Ankylodocus and my had-to-make-them-because-I-was-out-of-room level 15 Monostegatopses.

That’s a good point. If I had to choose which one to give up between these it would be the Spino… but it’s still my favorite!

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