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Spinotasuchus or Spinoconstrictor?

Just wondering which one is better? Or I should say how should I spend my limited amount of spinosaurus dna? My spinotasuchus and dilophoboa are both at around lv17/18, spinotasuchus is now probably much better, but should I save up the spino dna for it? Or save them for constrictor? I think constrictor is a pretty good bleeder with wounding counter, but I’m not sure if it is really endgame worthy, as it doesnt seem to appear on the “top 8 list”. Would some other bleeders like vexus be a better alternative than constrictor?

Thylacotator is the best right now. Dimodactylus is actually pretty good, if the next creature in your lineup can take a hit.

But between Constrictor and Spinota, I say Spinotasuchus is better.

Evasive Stance had been nerfed both directly and indirectly, while Spinotasuchus has No Escape as well as Lethal Wound, meaning the takedown is more likely.

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spinotah hands down

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