Spinotasuchus Swoop

Today I have faced a Spinitasuchus (it is not too usual), he has used the Swoop and I have been disconcerted.

I had an Indoraptor and he had a Spinotasuchus. As it was faster, it was the turn to attack. He launched Swoop and I “bloodied”. A Monomimus appeared.

I had prepared my “Cleasing Impact” because I thought I had priority as in any change but, to my surprise, Monomimus hit me and killed me.

Does that mean that after a “Swoop” and the new creature appears in addition to doing damage with the bleeding, the new creature will hit again if it is faster? it’s a mistake?

It is important to know because I had almost ruled out creating the Spinotasuchus (it means abandoning the spinotahraptor, the gorgosuchus and the megaosuchus forever), but if that is the correct functioning, I will re-evaluate my decision.

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Did you use evasive stance?

No. My hit was a “Cleasing Impact” when the Spinotasuchus hit Swap.

Now you make me doubt but I’m 99% sure that was as I said.

Or…is that opponent not a Monomimus? Something with swap in strike (most frequently is Dracorex) could do an additional attack when swap in.

I’m also 99% sure that it was a Monomimus. What I do remember 100% was that it was a creature faster than Indoraptor.

Can someone using Spinotasuchus confirm normal functioning? I do not have it created waiting for decision, like so many creatures …

Yeah it’s an bleed and switch, like the hit and run abilities just bleed instead of an attack cause the ability does the switch there is no free attack for your creature just a fresh battle round with whatever switched in also attacking

If that’s really the real behavior, I think it was poorly explained in the list of skills and makes this blow impressive. I’m going to wait for the new patch, but I’ll probably decide to create this creature. Unfortunately, I started to merge an evolution of gorgosuchus and because of that, my Spinotasuchus that could be level 20 would stay at 17 when I merge it. Serious error on my part. I never start evolutions not strictly necessary and this time I did it. The truth is that I will feel sorry to leave my gorgosuchus forever, abandon my spinotahraptor forever and give up creating megalosaurus, but I think that with this ability Spinotasuchus can be a creature to be carried to the end.

Lets say you used evasive stance so that takes place before spinotasuchus’ swoop.
So your fight went like this:

  • Indoraptor (speed 128) priority evasive stance
  • Spinotasuchus (speed 129) (second) priority swoop --> bleed and change to monomimus
  • Monomimus (speed 129) hits and kills you and therefore you can’t use cleanse this round cause monimimus is faster than you. Also evasive stance gets first priority before swoop even though spinotasuchus is faster.

I’m 99% sure it was not like that but I do not dare to say it. So it says “Best” simply was the normal behavior, that is, after the change, if the dino that appears is faster will always hit first.

SWOOP is a combination skill of wounding damage & hit-and-run.
It give opponent a 3-turn 20% dot, and automatic swap into next dino.
(Just like other hit-and-run attack, it won’t waste 1 turn as manual swap does)
Could this solve your problem?

You should have already chosen a move that was used in the next in dino (Monomi in this case). The fact that you chose upon entry most likely means you had disordered the turn sequence with evasive exactly as described above.

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I’m not clear about what you are saying. So far I have thought that all the “Hit and Run” YES lost their turn. For example, when I used “Impact and Run” in my Dilonosauro, I’ve always started from the base that my opponent would make an extra hit. Since I have not used it much and it’s a slow creature, maybe I did not realize it.
If you look at the comments of the other participants, indicate otherwise. Let’s see if between all of us we clarify :slight_smile:

Something is wrong here.

Swoop has 1 turn delay, so something else must have happened before.
Also, if the bleed ticked after attack, you must have been faster somehow.
Bleed ticks at the END of the turn, after both players played.
Also, if you die from 1 shot of monomimus and a bleed tick, your indoraptor was already somehow damaged.

PS spinothasuchus rocks, I suggest you leveling it.
I have it level 27 and it’s probably my favourite dino

Tarbosaurus, I think you’re right. I just faced a Delta (it is very strange to find a Delta in elevated sand but it has happened that way) I had a Rajakylosauro The Delta has used “Impact and Run” while I wanted to use the Long Protection and after covering the Delta blow , I have received the damage of the new dinosaur (it is not difficult to be faster than a Rajakylosauro.) What if it has received the Delta is the counter attack of the Rajakylosauro before the change.

If this is the way to proceed from the different “X and Run”, it completely changes the vision of these blows and of many creatures. I’m going to test it by including the Diloranosaurus on my computer to verify or refute the theory.

Of course things had happened before! The Spinotasuchis had left replacing a dead comrade. In the previous fight my Indoraptor had already spent the invincibility and the two main hits. The fight between these two creatures started with a “Lethal Wound” from their spinotasuchis followed by an “Armor Piercing Impact” from my Indoraptor (I remember). Then comes the commented sequence.