Spinotasuchus Total Rework

Spinotasuchus Total Fework - well, Spinotasuchus is my favorite creature, I met him through the game (which I can’t play anymore, he doesn’t enter, and even if he did, there are only bugs, basically a dead game), when I saw him in Alive, the first thing I noticed was the visual inferiority compared to its brother from The Game, it’s sad, the one from The Game is infinitely more beautiful and well done, the green coloring makes much more sense. Anyway, I would love a rework in its look, to be honest, I don’t know if something similar has happened in this game, but I feel it’s necessary, not only with Spinotasuchus, some others are very suspicious and strange. Well, in addition to that factor, we have the fact that he went from a legendary meta to the bottom, one of the weakest legendaries, I did this rework in order to bring him back to the top, or close to it. If you have ideas, send them here, it would be really cool.

I also have a mega-hybrid idea for it, Spinotasuchus + Sarcorixis = Spinotahrixis, “a large dinosaur, 4m tall and 15m long, similar to a Spinosaurus. It is very fast in the water, and an excellent swimmer. The addition of Sarcorixis brought him armor and one of the strongest bites among land animals, rivaling that of Indominus Rex. He lives in swamps and walks along rivers and lakes, prefers aquatic kills and hunts, but is extremely efficient on land, inheriting the agility of Kaprosuchus. Extremely intelligent, one of the most fearsome and ruthless to set foot on this planet, the Swamp Killer.” A little bit of his description, did you like it? If you have Spinotasuchus hybrid ideas send them here too, it will be nice to interact.

As for your hybrid Albertospinos, what do you think? I even like it, but I don’t think it’s such an advantageous combination for Spinotasuchus, it only adds the bite force, and it’s not such a brutal addition, I also don’t see any connection between these two, but anyway, what do you think?


You forgot to make it a Cunning Fierce


Doesn’t a Spinotahrixis/Spinotarixis thread already exist?


yes, I always forget about classes ^^

I have no idea