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Spinotasuchus VS Suchotator


Hi there everyone.

Acordingly to the nem Metahub ranking, Spinotasuchus is on Tyrant Tier (the highest one) and Suchotator is on Apex tier (the tier below).
I have both at level 17 and tried to use Spino as my team bleeder staple. The problem is that usualy it does one attack and dies before doing the second one (although it has Swoop, wich I don’t see as a game breaker). I’ve switched to Suchotator and I’ve been loving her over the first one:

  • It bleeds;
  • It distracts 90% of opponents damage (1 turn delay beetween attacks, giving her more survivability);
  • It nullifies (bye bye cloaks and evading dinos);
  • It has more HP.

I would like to hear your opinions over theese two, just to know if I’m missing something :wink:



This is my idea of a topic !


I dont use Sucho but Spino has won me many battles, bleeding the enemy out. Lethal wound followed by Swoop pretty much kills most opponents around my level.

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I did it so many times too (DoT + Swoop), but with the Swoop you are giving a free full hit onto a new Dino, and with the Sucho you can Dot + Distract (taking just a small hit) and still attack again while de bleed occurs.


The best advantage I see on Spino over Sucho is being more versatile vs imune dinos.

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If the best advantage you see is the versatility against immune then there is a wrong use of him.

He has many advantages over sucho and the main one is the speed imo. Your sucho will be useless against a charged tryo while a spinota could tear him down with his crit.
There are way more situations where the speed is important than situation where immune are involved.
They just have a different role that’s it. It’s not because they share same attacks that they fill the same role.

And just like you said he has more hp you could say he has way less attack too. To me it’s like comparing an utarinex with a diloracheirus. They are both goods in different ways, you just need to pick accordingly to the dinos you are facing.


I have both on my team. Their usage is a bit different. Spinotasuchus has an advantage when dealing with immune Dinos due to its high damage output while suchotator loses to them. Suchotator, on the other hand, has much more HP so it usually will win against opponents instead of dying with the opponent, this is especially the case when dealing with high damage units like trykosaurus, tenotoRex, Thor. So usually you don’t open with suchotator because even if it takes down one of the opponent’s Dino, itself will be on low health and give opponent a setup turn.

Due to the recent change on lethal wound, suchotator is somewhat affected but spinotasuchus isn’t.

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if it only lasts one turn it is not as high of a level versus what you are facing. All metahub ratings for the tier lists consider the dinos as being of equal levels.


I think both are great fighters and both have legit uses.

I could be wrong, but I honestly don’t remember a Sucho ever beating my Spino 1 vs 1.


I just didn’t mentioned the speed advantage (wich is obviously one) because of all the Superior Strikes and decelerating moves around. Usualy, my oponent starts with one of those (the smartest move) and finish it on the second attack, making her impossible to Swoop.
Just a reminder, my Spino is at level 17 (trying to upgrade her).


I think you just touched on it but for me, Spino wasn’t great until I got her to like 23ish? Need to get her HP up so that she can withstand another attack (so that you can Swoop/whatever) She only gets to that Tyrant level when you’re able to stack bleeds.


Spinotasuchus is a more offensive bleeder and better against immunes, while Suchotator is better as a staller while they bleed out and does worse against Immunes.

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My understanding is it’s best to have both right now.
Suchotator is invaluable against raptors and health sponge hammers like Allo, Spinotah can usually handle whatever sucho can’t with it’s heavier moves. Each one covers the weaknesses of the other.
Suchotator will almost certainly lose to monolometrodon and ankylocodon every time they meet though, that’s why strictly measuring who’s better I’d say spinotah. Just because he can swoop out of bad match ups


I do manage to stack the bleeds, but i always use it last. Like bleed the last dino and suddenly swoop to my 4rth (normally a tank-buster) to take a hit while the opponent’s last dino bleeds out. Got many wins using that dirty method :stuck_out_tongue: but hey, im in for the incubators. If my opponent is inmune; i take advantage of the superior speed and crit possibility.


My suchotator is lvl 10. And spinotosuchus I cannot get enough to level up